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11. Is there any fashion trend you’ve refused to participate in and why?

I adore comfortable shoes but I can't bring myself to own Crocs.

I am open minded but I also don't stray too far from my signature look. If it ain't broke , don't fix it.

Oxford shirts and roll sleeves..again, I am a female not male

Ruffles. I don't like excess fabric on my body.

adidas slipper.

The scene kid years when I was teenager.

Peplum. Bib tops.

Just not for me.

thrift store clothing i rather not wear. it is old and smells.

Yes, the current one about nineties and eighties, yuck!

all of them

Oversize, over heals, those trousser in which you look like you wear the trousers with all the shit you made that week.

Loose, baggy, and long length clothes! I am petite and I get lost in the flowing fabric.

rompers. i'm not a child.

Anything baggy and oversized that will overwhelm me. Also, anything that looks to heavy, I prefer lighter fabrics.

High waisted jeans

ombre -- it's so eyecatching that it will be hard to style when it goes out. Also jumpsuits -- I have a short torso, and that never looks good when the fabric puddles around my middle.

lacy, billowing, loose tops. heels, flats. anything too feminine--i'm a cis female but it makes me look like i'm in drag.

Synthetic, overly processed, overly bright and polished anything.
Gel nails and full on make upb and contouring - i'm too lazy, and it doesn't really go with my image. The more I do, the worse I look.

The concept of fashion trends is something I ignore. I buy what I like without much knowledge of whether or not it's trendy and wear it anyways. The transience of trends and their collective sameness isn't interesting to me.

Fur, baby, fur! So many equally warm options available. Why participate in an industry built on killing and skinning one of God's creatures?!

I understand the current dad shoe trend. I like a good chunky shoe on the right person. However, some of these shoes are just straight up whack. The giant white FILAs are unforgivable and make me cringe.

The idea of the trend. If I don't like it, I don't participate. If the trend doesn't like it but I do, I wear it. Trends are a way to make us buy more, fuck that.

Because I really don't like participating and I don't feel comfortable

I never participated in the Nike slide shoe and high sock combo. Was not my style.

Yes. There are probably many. I don’t really follow trends, I just wear what I want to wear. One I can say I didn’t participate is the mini skirt, bodycon, tight clothing trend because I hate form fitting clothing

Chunky sneakers. They seem like clown shoes and I trip easily.

How much time do we have?
Boyfriend jeans
Sherpa fleece pullovers
Ultra high-waisted jeans
Clear heels
Overlined, nude-colored lips
Aggressive facial makeup contouring

Trends in general. I don't want to look like everyone else, mainly because I think I'd feel like I stood out within that group. Like, if everyone is going for a particular look then there will be competition over who nails it the best, whereas if you avoid trends altogether you'll never be in competition with anyone.

I am not a dedicated follower of Fashion. I hate sarouel pants.

any fashion trend. fashion as a trend. it's such a waste culture to run after trends. I buy new things when I change and want to express myself differently not when the season changes and I'm wanted to buy more more more.

Biker shorts, I don't think they're flattering.

I would never wear real fur.

7” heels
bad feet

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