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12. Can you say a bit about how your mother’s body and style has been passed down to you, or not?

same body different taste in style.

Mum was constantly talking about her weight when I was growing up, now I think she has body dismorphia.
I think I have this in a way I just don’t understand how I look or how to love my body.

My mother was curvy and I am not. Our styles were very different. I like minimalist fashion with clean lines and opt for pants. She had a more feminine style and liked skirts and sandals.

My mother’s style has not been passed down to me.

Neither. My mother's body is a lot different from mine, and so is her style. She's not really into fashion, she primarily dresses for comfort, and she loves loud colors. For me, fashion helps my confidence so I am more into it, I do dress for comfort but it has to be stylish, too, and I prefer more neutral colors.

Well I didn't get my Mom's ample bustline, that's for sure!!! [tears] but did inherent gorgeous thin legs like she has. My bootie is not quite like my Mom's...she was blessed all over!!

Waist thicker as I aged

She has a bad relationship with her body and struggles to take care of herself. I try really hard to do the opposite.

My mother is very critical of herself and has self esteem issues, and it affected me a lot growing up because she would also (and still does) make comments about my body. As I've gotten older, I've learned to embrace my body a bit better. Style-wise, she wears what she is comfortable in and I do too.

My mother has never thought much about fashion (or at least that I know of). She always just picked non-descript items and wore them. She was also a single mom of 4. She didn’t have much time or money to think of those things

same style and same taste in clothing.

Fortunately I'm not like my mother except one thing that we have in common, small hips, that makes our boditypes square shaped.
Her style is also more traditionally feminine, I don't like to confirm to that now. But her sense of style is great I think.

not :(

I like same colours and patterns.I suppose trends do not vary just return time for time. I love knee long slim fit clothes, with elbow long sleeves.

My mother never suggested to me that I should care that much about how my body looked. My body was a thing to use and enjoy, to climb trees, or do chores, or go on long walks. In my teens I resented that she never talk me how to shave my legs or pluck my eyebrows, but in adulthood I am so grateful that she never even opened the possibility that how I looked determined my value.

My Mom liked to look nice. She didn’t worry about labels. It was about how she looked. I will shop labels, but it is still about how I look in it. She always wore lipstick and nothing else. I wear eye makeup, blush and maybe Vaseline on my lips. Foundation just never worked for my Mom or me.

my mom has great taste and is awesome at the hunt. but she does not have a good relationship with her body. she's not afraid to buy things for pleasure and fun. I have great taste, too. I work hard to have a good relationship with my body. And I try to be more like her and treat myself.

I'm a bit curvier and we have different styles, but she sometimes borrows my clothes.

My mom is very casual also
She has an apple shape which is harder to dress but comfort is most important

i inherited her fear of getting or looking fat. and her thick dark hair. style-wise, i'm pretty much her opposite now, but i wore a lot of the clothes she kept from the 80s and 90s.

Her style rules were: quality over quantity, natural materials, and not too tight.
Both of us are pear-shaped petites, although I'm a bit bigger. We both love Breton tops and boat neck lines. I was definitely influenced by her! she tends to prefer more casual/comfort, and I keep trying to look a bit more put together (without sacrificing comfort).

My mother has never been interested in clothes. I can't remember learning anything about them from her. This wasn't inherited by me and neither was her body. We both appreciate turqoise jewelry though.

My mom had such a difficult childhood, growing up with a single mother who resented every minute of her life as a widow, that she has never had any confidence in her own style. Additionally, our body types are diametrically opposed. I am not even sure which of my relatives passed down the genes contributing to my small frame.

I got a lot of my dad, but i'm quite short.

My mum was overweight for most of my life as I am now. Not crazy overweight, but definitely carrying around a bit of excess.

In her 50s, she started running regularly and lost a fair bit of weight, which has inspired me. I'm still on my own fitness journey but seeing her be happy in her own skin now and look amazing in clothes is motivating for me.

I don't have my mother's slim figure, but I have her love of black and dark colours

My mom really transform my way of dressing in a good way,I really follow her styles because she knows what is style

My mom helped me pick clothing as a kid so I believe part of her style is now embedded in mine.

We are nothing alike and share no style similarities

My mom is thin and average height. She has a small waist, and legs thinner than mine. She showed me how to look stylish and not show too much skin.

My Mother is a fundamentalist Christian who wears ankle-length skirts, birkenstocks, and floral prints. I like to say I've swung the opposite direction, but it's not strictly true.

As I get older, I notice elements of my Mother's style in the way I dress. My hair texture is usually naturally curly, and I wear minimal makeup and jewelry. We've both got mad love for gem tones, clogs, and sweaters.

My Mother and I are very physically alike, especially as I age and I know she's never felt good in her skin. Our relationship is the opposite of close, but I wish I could take her shopping and help her find things she felt confident in. I really appreciate the perfect set of legs you gave me, Mama.

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