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12. Can you say a bit about how your mother’s body and style has been passed down to you, or not?

Her style rules were: quality over quantity, natural materials, and not too tight.
Both of us are pear-shaped petites, although I'm a bit bigger. We both love Breton tops and boat neck lines. I was definitely influenced by her! she tends to prefer more casual/comfort, and I keep trying to look a bit more put together (without sacrificing comfort).

My mother has never been interested in clothes. I can't remember learning anything about them from her. This wasn't inherited by me and neither was her body. We both appreciate turqoise jewelry though.

My mom had such a difficult childhood, growing up with a single mother who resented every minute of her life as a widow, that she has never had any confidence in her own style. Additionally, our body types are diametrically opposed. I am not even sure which of my relatives passed down the genes contributing to my small frame.

I got a lot of my dad, but i'm quite short.

My mum was overweight for most of my life as I am now. Not crazy overweight, but definitely carrying around a bit of excess.

In her 50s, she started running regularly and lost a fair bit of weight, which has inspired me. I'm still on my own fitness journey but seeing her be happy in her own skin now and look amazing in clothes is motivating for me.

I don't have my mother's slim figure, but I have her love of black and dark colours

My mom really transform my way of dressing in a good way,I really follow her styles because she knows what is style

My mom helped me pick clothing as a kid so I believe part of her style is now embedded in mine.

We are nothing alike and share no style similarities

My mom is thin and average height. She has a small waist, and legs thinner than mine. She showed me how to look stylish and not show too much skin.

My Mother is a fundamentalist Christian who wears ankle-length skirts, birkenstocks, and floral prints. I like to say I've swung the opposite direction, but it's not strictly true.

As I get older, I notice elements of my Mother's style in the way I dress. My hair texture is usually naturally curly, and I wear minimal makeup and jewelry. We've both got mad love for gem tones, clogs, and sweaters.

My Mother and I are very physically alike, especially as I age and I know she's never felt good in her skin. Our relationship is the opposite of close, but I wish I could take her shopping and help her find things she felt confident in. I really appreciate the perfect set of legs you gave me, Mama.

She's a bit taller than me but I have more of an hourglass figure. We're both long waisted and broad shouldered, like masculine cuts and hate bras. It's actually a family trait, three generations of women who either go braless or wear those sports bras that are basically tight crop tops. She likes more colour and pattern than I do though - a slightly hippy aesthetic.

My mother was a woman - I am a man, so I cannot answer this question. If you replace 'mother's Body and style' by 'father's Body and style', I try: I think my Father did not care About how he looked, he tried to wear comfortable clothes and worn out clothes. Sometimes I really looked like a bum, which made me embarassed very often. I definitely wanted to do different.

not much her body (yet) but her style in being eccentric when she feels like it or plain beige when we feels like that. dressing in moods and using it as a form of creative expression.

Body weight wise is similar but body shape and style is completely different.

same body
She went old lady in her 30’s and I took her shopping for looks.

yes. skinny legs :(

For most of my early life, my mom dressed in very utilitarian clothes. Some femme-y trappings, like purses or dresses, she deliberately avoided, not to mention things like makeup or nail polish. These attributes informed me hugely. I'm still unwilling to spend a lot of time on making myself look polished because, nothing special, it takes away from time that I'd rather be reading or lying in bed with my boyfriend. *I should note that as I got older, I understood that my untidy tendencies could pass because I have a certain kind of hair, literally, and economic privilege. I saw the same things with other white people in professional settings, especially in certain cities.* I don't have a love per se of perfecting a hairstyle, though I love certain clothes and styles and even braiding my hair. At times, my mom now enjoys dressing and I enjoy that. The other body thing requiring mention is that she never, ever once commented negatively about her own body in my hearing. She never commented negatively on our bodies. Ever. She never said women should be valued for their actions or words rather than body size or appearance, either - she just embodied her own ideas on the topic. We sort of thought it went without saying in the larger world for a long time. I love and admire fashionable, image-conscious women, but this is also fundamentally who I am.

It affected me for over 30 years, i had her look up until i turned 33, from there it changed alot.

I think my mother likes to blend in, and I really don't. The only style she has passed down to me is a couple of turtlenecks she wore in the late '90s.

Yes my mothers ideas about fashion are hugely influential. she taught me to be conservative - not to show too much leg or chest. I went through a phase of doing the opposite but now I dress accordingly. She also taught me to feel fabric for quality and look at labels to check it is not synthetic and will not go out of shape quickly. Longevity of an item was important to her so I also look for items that last - although its hard to find.

Neither have been haha. My mothers style is hilarious to me. Its like direction, she has no sense of it. I think it may be a lack of attention to detail but I am constantly having to help her and guide her away from certain outfit choices. I have also been given my dads body so also no relation there. However, the interesting thing to me is that my grandmothers style, my mothers mom, is very similar to mine. We seem to share the same idea of clothing as treasures and our color schemes seem to be very similar, so thankfully I have been passed down some of her pieces.

My mother is buxom and I seem be getting closer to that and she is very stylish. IN her late 50s, she wears what she feels like within modest boundaries. But she's not scared of color or asymetrical cuts.

She has a hard relationship with her body and clothes and I'm working hard to not follow her examples.

My mom and I are both short, and you can see her face shape in mine. I’d say that’s about where the resemblance ends. My mother doesn’t have an hourglass figure—she’s very self-conscious of that. I have a very naturally athletic body, with big legs and shoulders.

not really

Her clothes and body are my utopia. She was a catwalk model at the end of 50s the best time in fashion.

Hmmmm... not. Grandmother, yes. Button downs were her go to, I own some of them now.

My family in general tends to genetically have a thicker body type. This doesn't necessarily mean overweight, but I don't have a thigh gap and neither do any other females in my family, and we're very hourglass shaped. My mom's style hasn't been passed down to me. She basically only wears neutrals, purple, and teal.

She tended to put comfort over style, though I would certainly say she's more fashionable than me. She isn't eccentric with colors or patterns, though, and neither am I. She does wear jewelry and some makeup, though. I'm about half a foot shorter than she is, as well, yet probably heavier than her, so we are quite different in body type.

I have my mothers body. I don't like it. I don't have her style which I appreciate because I take time to dress according to my body shape and not just wear things because they are pretty.

My body is nothing like my mothers. She is petite and svelte and I am really tall and more curvy. Our styles are completely different as well, although we admire each other's style.

she likes simple clothing, i like complex clothing

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