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12. Can you say a bit about how your mother’s body and style has been passed down to you, or not?

She has a hard relationship with her body and clothes and I'm working hard to not follow her examples.

My mom and I are both short, and you can see her face shape in mine. I’d say that’s about where the resemblance ends. My mother doesn’t have an hourglass figure—she’s very self-conscious of that. I have a very naturally athletic body, with big legs and shoulders.

not really

Her clothes and body are my utopia. She was a catwalk model at the end of 50s the best time in fashion.

Hmmmm... not. Grandmother, yes. Button downs were her go to, I own some of them now.

My family in general tends to genetically have a thicker body type. This doesn't necessarily mean overweight, but I don't have a thigh gap and neither do any other females in my family, and we're very hourglass shaped. My mom's style hasn't been passed down to me. She basically only wears neutrals, purple, and teal.

She tended to put comfort over style, though I would certainly say she's more fashionable than me. She isn't eccentric with colors or patterns, though, and neither am I. She does wear jewelry and some makeup, though. I'm about half a foot shorter than she is, as well, yet probably heavier than her, so we are quite different in body type.

I have my mothers body. I don't like it. I don't have her style which I appreciate because I take time to dress according to my body shape and not just wear things because they are pretty.

My body is nothing like my mothers. She is petite and svelte and I am really tall and more curvy. Our styles are completely different as well, although we admire each other's style.

she likes simple clothing, i like complex clothing

We almost have similar physiology.

Being adopted, I never bonded to my adoptive mother. She wore drab, cheap polyester pantsuits & orthopedic shoes. I learned to sew my own clothes. She was 5' 0" tall & I am 6' 0" tall. She was short, fat & dumpy & I'm tall & lithe. I wouldn't emulate her manner of dress in any way whatsoever as she was dowdy. I was always embarrassed to be seen in public with her, so I rarely went anywhere with that woman.

My mother always liked to look nice and I got that from her. I liked a lot of the things she wore and our tastes in fashion were the same.

My mother passed her bum to me ahah, also her love of floral clothes.

i think my mother has a hard relationship with her body and is always spinning the wheels to find styles she likes, which is hard in her size. i am trying to love myself and be kind to myself.

My mum is a lot more petite than me! She is shorter and has a smaller waist! Until recently we've always shopped at different places and had very different styles, but, as I've gotten older we've started sharing a couple of things/shopping at the same places. The main difference I think is how she's toned down her style as she's gotten older - wearing mostly earthy tones and keeping it fairly minimal - whilst I'm still very much enjoying playing around with colour.

My mother was very thin (skeletal thin) all her life, and was the slacks/turtleneck lady all year long.

I have always had extra weight and a booty, so this has never been a look for me.
I do love turtlenecks.

i have very different style from my mother.

Conservatism, for sure.

It has, they say. I am tall, for eaxmple.

My Mother's body is a bit larger than mine, so she tends to wear garments that flow. I believe some of the items in my closet may have been chosen due to her influence, I don't really have a lot of tight fitting items.

My mother likes to dress nice and so do I, that's basically the extent of it.

To always be put together, to be glamourous - this was a lady who wore perfectly draped saris, matching glass bangles, simple diamonds and chanel no 5 every single day - as a surgeon attending to her patients.

To be brainy and to be beautiful at the same time - regardless of my complicated relationship with her - these are things that my sister and I grew up believing are normal. She did not follow trends but did take pride in her appearance and in my 30s, I am learning how much I absorbed of that. White lilies perfect and somewhat indulgent - hard to procure- tea, crisp clean linen - maybe all of these things more than her body or her wardrobe is what style consists of

im not too dissimilar - a little thinner but there is time yet

it has. In a more modern version.

My mother's family has big hips and butts. I have a small bottom and carry most of my weight in my middle. I have my mom's crooked teeth on the front left of my mouth. I took style advice from my mother when I was younger but have since deviated. Now she takes tips from me. I took all her vintage sweaters and mom jeans for summer shorts, though.

Changed a lot.

I'm fifteen, and my style is just like a slightly-younger version of my mum's.

Mum has always described herself as "fat". While she is a larger woman, I don't see her as fat. Instead I see her as someone who dresses incredibly well for her size. Mum's concern about her weight and the way her face looks are concerns that I think I have inherited from her, but equally I would like to think that I have inherited Mum's unique style and ability to put together a really good outfit for the body that I have.

I look exactly the same as she did when she was my age. She is extremely fit, but not the skinniest. She has strong legs and arms, but a little pouch in the belly area.

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