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15. Do you address anything political in the way you dress?


i don't like exposing my body; i am pretty modest. it's uncomfortable to me to be revealing because i do not want to be sexualized at all. i think it is a survival strategy. i want to downplay my body because it is very frightening to have people objectify me or see me as a sexual being.

Probably. I do dress to please myself, which can get pretty outlandish some days. And I do cosplay, which has it's political aspects to it.

I do know how to dress to fit in. And I always feel like I'm in drag when I do.


I'm afraid there is not.

Maybe. I don't want to look too feminine, or feminine at all. I want people to concentrate to how I think, not how I look.

I don't believe so.

Not that I know of?

Not really but I like and support several small Indian designers and labels - that I wear with pride and advocate where ever I am

not in the slightest

not too feminin

People tell me I remind them of Rosie the Riveter. I am not afraid to make fun of myself with silly sushi printed tops (BIG compliments on that one,) or one of my favorite sweaters that boasts in big white letters LAST PLACE. I am not afraid to look beautiful, purposeful, and done up during the day. Children like to point out my dark purple lipstick at the grocery store. Other than that, my political views are pretty clear when you talk to me. I am very opinionated.

I think it probably seems political that I don't shave or wear bras, but really I have no agenda. I just want to be comfortable (not itchy or prickly, not held in around the rib cage).

Feminismus! To be beautiful and strong. To be attractive and serious.

dont be daft getting fed up now

Not consciously and not overtly, but I suppose my recent decision to steer away from constantly wearing high heels in a law office environment is a slightly politically-charged decision. It's my way of saying there's nothing wrong with a female lawyer wearing shoes that aren't high heeled, and the fact that I am not doesn't make me any worse a lawyer than the women who are wearing high heels!

I wouldn't say my politics have any effect on my wardrobe.

I don't wear make-up and because of my short hair and height and my preference for "tomboy" dressing, people tend to mistake me for a man, or think I'm butch. I'm neither, but I never correct anyone because I think it will come across as defensive or people might think I'm feeling embarrassed, when I am feeling nothing of the sort. I suppose there is something political about this in the sense that I feel like I have to challenge the notion that a woman has to look a certain way.

Not at all,I dress only for myself.

Not really. I am not tempted to wear overly revealing things, because it does bring out the angry side of my low-key feminism when a guy clearly checks me out or approaches me thinking I'm an "easy" target. That said, I love to (occasionally) wear things that accentuate or reveal a specific asset or *gasp* my entire shape! My boyfriend appreciates it, and if I feel good in what I wear, I feel like a boon to women everywhere.

Yes, I dress so that I do not attract attention from men on the street, nor threaten women around me. That means I do not ever dress in a way that could be interpreted as sexual. I prefer to think that I am sexy in a very understated, librarian kind of way. The politics there is my calling out to other women that I am a sister.

No. I used to not shave under my arms and not wear make-up because that's what I thought a feminist should do.

Not really.

No, people expect me to be right wing and/or having rich parents. I'm not and I do'nt.
The only political about it is that I try not to consume as much, and that I'd like it to be fair trade. But those things are not visible for most people.

I do not have a particularly feminine or sexual style of dress. That feels pointed and political to me, resisting expectations of gender performance. I am not here for you to look at my body and ignore my person-hood. I do not want to be objectified. Being treated like that makes me feel uncomfortable.

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