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15. Do you address anything political in the way you dress?

Yes, because I understand that everything is political. Even when you're not trying to send a message, you're sending a message.

I dress fairly conservative but I do like to show off my best assets because why not??? I think it's important to put your best version of you out there to shine.

Love the USA..and show my patriotism when appropriate

I try not to wear anything fast fashion. Not wearing the bra. Not wearing always something feminine.

I like to think so, I wear what I want and when I want.


i vote for republican trump president. jewish.

Not if unconsciously.



I swing back and forth about how important buying ethically produced clothes feels. Sometimes it feels essential, other times I feel that there are expectations put on my professionally that I can't afford to meet with quality clothing, and that the emphasis on individual consumer choice to solve systemic problems is foolish. I sometimes feel political that I don't wear makeup or blow dry my hair for work, but I think mostly I'm just lazy.

i dress for myself, for my autonomy

I don’t go for traditionally feminine looks
I like to look like I didn’t try so hard

I don't think so.

i guess i dress gender-neutral and wear men's clothes often. it's not intentional, just feels comfortable and flattering.

Not really. But for myself, I like to do it in a sustainable way, that reduces waste and unnecessary consumption.

There is nothing consciously political about the way I dress, but the way I view clothes and try to only make second hand purchases is rooted in environmentalism.

Only when a presidential election season is upon us, and then, yes, I will demonstrate support for my candidate by wearing a lapel pin.

I like to blur lines of androgeny a bit and think that everyone should be able to dress however they feel.

The personal is political


I wake up political, and I sleep naked. Tattooed women are inherently political.

Women in our culture lack a certain degree of agency and getting tattoos increases that phenomenon. Men openly discuss my body in public, in front of me. Someone coined the term "tatcalling" to describe excessive attention. People have a lot of questions for heavily-inked women, like "did that hurt?" or "what does it mean?

The rest of me is pretty political, too. I show as much skin as I want to, and I rarely wear a bra. I refuse to wear heels to work if I'm traveling to a conference. I went to grad school for way too long to wear heels for 8 hours. Women colleagues whisper to me "I wish I wore flats," and I tell them "it's a gamechanger. Wear flats to work."

I don't think so

Today most of the garments being sold in Germany or the US or any western Country are made by poor People in Sweat Shops that are located in poor countries because labour is cheap there and the fabrication of garments is very labour intensive. I wear a lot of Things I made myself. So I put something against the global taste sold by international companies like Zara (Inditex), H&M, Primark etc. and I am not personally responsible for the Exploitation in those Sweat Shops. I really try to wear my garments as Long as possible to honour the work of the People who made my garments and to make only a small Impact on the Environment.

yes. the choice of where and why I buy what I buy from whom and made of which fabrics.


avoid looking conservative!

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