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16. Please describe your body.

Pear-shaped, 5foot 3ish. (approx 163cm?), average. If i worked out more, it would be somewhat athletic...

I do what I can to keep it at its healthiest. I love nutrition and eat very intentionally. I love exercise. I believe in the phrase "My body is my temple" and live by it. I went through a period of my life last year when I was bedridden and paralyzed for about 5 months. I had to relearn to stand, to walk, to jump... every movement had to be relearned. My body is a survivor and now I don't take it for granted as often. I see it as more than just its parts or the sum of its parts.


I am short, skinny and weak in strength. I have long blonde hair and green eyes.

I am tall, almost 5'10 and my weight is well distributed. I'd love to lose 15 pounds. I have long, muscular legs that I don't shave in the winter. My least favorite part of my body is my midsection, where I have always carried weight. I feel like I'm always trying to hide or shrink my tummy when I dress. My breasts are a good size, and so is my bum, so that's nice.

X shaped, slightly disproportionate

My body is just normal not fat not skinny and everything looks good on me

I am average weight and around 6-foot.

Curvy, big hips and thighs, plus sized

Short, wide hips, small upper body.

Tall, strong, rectangular.
A firefighter in a Las Vegas bar once asked me "why are your shoulders so big?"
Plus, I have legs for days and days.

5'9, sturdy, hourglass

I am rather tall: 6'2" (About 185 cms) I have a male Body that is to say large shoulders, smaller hips. I do not have a big tummy. My average size in Germany is 50 that converts to about L in the US.

I'm rather small and tiny, I have bruises that mark my past and I don't mind anything about anything on myself.

Between hourglass shaped and pear shaped with a bunch of fat on my boobs and thighs.

170cm tall. Small bust and waist with comparatively wide hips and sizeable rear. Long legs. Size 6 feet. Several small scars as I am prone to keloid scarring. Freckles on arms, collar bone and face.

5’7””, 150 lbs bigger than I like around middlehideous floppy upper arms
really bad feet

slim big breast alethic legs

I am medium height, probably medium size too. I have very long arms.

Im 5`6 tall, 134lbs With tanned skin, im a 32b and somewhat trained body.

I have curves in all the wrong places.

I am size medium, athletic, hourglass figure. I have a small head on top of broad shoulders. I have an upright posture but a slight pop belly.

This one is hard. Short. 5' 3. I have a small frame but I gain weight easily. My weight fluctuates a lot. I have a lame posture genetically but I work on it. I have natural blonde hair. Freckles. Tan skin in the summer, but not too tan (I think I am German). I have decent size boobs.. haha. I think I am hour glass shape? I have a red birthmark in the shape of a sideways heart on my left cheek and it goes down onto my neck and even my tongue and left ear. I think thats it.

I am about 5'4, with a slight hour glass shape and squared shoulders.


I have big shoulders that are made even larger because I enjoy swimming, boxing, and lifting weights. My arms aren’t too bad either. I have strong legs, with sizeable quads and toned calves. My torso is sturdy.

36c-d boobs thin belly and curvey butt

Hourglass with a bigger belly.

Small, Athletic. Dancer, Pilates.

I am almost a perfect hourglass, but my chest is just slightly smaller than my hips. I have a thin waist, but thick thighs, and my arms are a little larger than I would like. My legs are very short and my arms are fairly long. I lost a lot of weight at once, so I do have some loose skin on my belly. My skin is pale and my hair is dark, so despite not having much body hair, it is all very visible.

"Rubinesque" is my new favorite way to describe the brand of chubby I am. It's just hilarious. Thank you, Ready Player One. Thank you.

Well... it's okay, really. There is so much to say about one's body. Each scar has a story. There are things you love and things you're not so happy with. There are things to say about getting older and how to deal with that. There are opinions of what a woman should look like, of the ideal posture, the ideal hair. Books could be filled with answers to this question. So just very briefly:
I love my feet.
I love the colour of my eyes.
I love my neck.
I love the lining of my back.
I love my slender waist.
I'm okay with the rest. I'm okay with the scarred tissue on my right leg. I'm okay with my voluminous bottom. I'm okay with my breast reconstruction after breast cancer. I'm okay with my wrinkles.
I only wished I had thicker hair. And I wished I was less myopic. But I'm okay with that too.

I'm of medium height and build. I have a beautiful long-ish neck. I have scars and uneven skin tone all over my body. I have a bigger tummy than desirable and my tits and legs are okay.

Tall, I'm 5'11.'' Curvy, but more in an hourglass way than a pear-shaped way. Not petite in the slightest but still thin? It's in a weird spot between just being big in general but also thinner proportionally.


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