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18. Please describe your emotions.


reigned in

Lush to florid.

I have a hard time trying to get a grip on my emotions. Which are my own and which are those of others, incorporated in mine?

Erratic, easily influenced by others, I have a bleeding heart! My own emotions are unpredictable and tend to spiral down, I also feel the emotions of others so strongly that they affect my reality. Wild creatures that will sometimes let me tame them, but only for a time.

My emotional life is basically tied to my cat, and it is shaped in part by my surroundings, my clothes, interpersonal things…. I am sensitive, defiant and experimental and thus a highly emotional person in general, but sometimes I feel that I am emotionally stronger than the average joe and capable of withstanding innumerable life pressures…in all I think I am easy going.

Wavy blessings of humanity.

Strong, overwhelming, violent, passionate, cruel, lovely, overbearing, up and down, human.

I mean I don't have a degree in meteorology - if I did maybe I could then explain or describe my emotions, which to me are as complex and elusive as weather patterns.

My emotions are pretty even-keeled. They like to sneak out in physical ways.

Right now, this moment? I don’t know how to fully describe a thought process—it’s like a train that picks up cars on the way to the station. My emotions are running high and low.

Somewhat obsessive, pleased, sad, lonely, full of love --- all of them. All the emotions. Sometimes turned to 11.


Not a radical pendulum. I'm a pessimistic optimist. I don't go around with a black cloud, yet I do anticipate the worst. What's that Tammy Wynette song? 'I wound easy, but I heal fast.'

Also, a work in progress.

My emotions have a flair for the dramatic.

high and low. very passionate and loving and also prone to suicidal depressions since youth.

caring & present

I come from a family of criers. I will cry at weddings, but I also cried at the series finale of What Not To Wear, so there’s that.

Not Bad

I wish I was in better control of them, but I’m learning.

I'm in a constant state of longing.

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