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18. Please describe your emotions.

Anything possible from hi to low depending on what is happening around me - but basically happy go lucky

:) but concerned about my family

Sometimes full of love an hope and sometimes "this is the end of the world" mode.
Some days so confident and some days "i can't do anything, i'm not successful"

they range from the variety of being angry about something or something someone did to being sad about some circumstances in my life to being happy and lucky and just living in the moment.

I always say that emotions are stupid. You can control your actions and you can control how you respond to your emotions, but you can't control your emotions. Mine are not logical. They overreact to tiny moments. They make me feel good about people who are bad for me. They make me incredibly anxious about things that have no real consequence on anything. They are stupid.

My emotions are strong. Sometimes that's very good, but sometimes it can put you in embarrassing situations. It makes for very nice kissing and sex, but will not help to win an argument.

My emotions are naturally intense, but I am capable of deciding how much they affect me. They are generally positive emotions about the beauty of life and things, sometimes mellancholic, and very few times angry or destructive.

I am not a very possitive person. I sometimes get suspicious about people and their intentions. I analyze everything and try not to worry ,but I can't. I am full with love for my family and friends because they are a huge part of me.

Sensitive emotionally, happy, yet sad by the state of the world, practicing compassion for all beings, fearful, content as I age.

see above! I am a very empathetic person, so I share the emotions of whoever I'm around.

It's hard to get me mad or upset, but once that happens then I'm going to be mad or upset for awhile. I'm generally pretty calm, but get irritated by people who suck all air out of the room with pointless drama

I'm very careful with showing my emotions to people. I have massive mood swings, I'm emotional and sensitive, but I won't show it to people I don't know.

My emotions are like a tornado. I m a very passionated person and I act like a fast dragon sometimes. I can't control myself. It's bad.

I have a short fuse. I also make friends easily and am not slow to trust people.

I'm mostly happy, even if I'm hurting. I believed that I'll look younger at my age if I stayed being happy. But my tears are shallow.

Too fucking much.

In a good place.

Up and down. Rollercoaster.

a jagged lunar landscape with the occasional luscious oasis

Anxious, affectionate, regretful, envious.

All over the place

busy too

My emotions are strong. I get high on excitement, and I drown in sadness and self-doubt. They don't swing very quickly all the time (though they can), so unless something happens to change an emotion, I will usually sit in it for a while. I find my emotions are most affected by my interactions with people (and my thoughts about those interactions afterward). They aren't usually as strong if I'm just by myself.

A lot of things make me happy but also sad. I get frustrated very easily but it doesn't take much to make me laugh either!

When I was a child I was cheerful but level-headed, from puberty through my thirties, a bit subject to hormonal mood-swings, and now that I am in my late-forties I would say that I have returned back to cheerful but level-headed again.

roller coaster. really big lows - really bad. effervescent when I'm good. sleeplessness. harsh - can be vindictive. generous.

I had a diagnosis of a bipolar mood disorder just over two years ago. It's a diagnosis that has been countered by another professional since then and it doesn't seem to quite apply to me. Nonetheless, I can be buffeted by intense emotions if I'm not careful. I get stuck in maudlin thinking and behaviour and have spent time with overwhelming grief and anger.
I also feel love and joy very intensely. Currently, I feel full of the wonder of being alive and curious about what will happen next. I try very hard just to breathe deeply and live moment by moment, without expectation, but with much gratitude.

Calm in most cases - My outside world is a reflection of what is going on inside and vise versa - I tend to see everything as my classroom and practice from there

Mercurial. Vary a lot. Need to keep even keel. Worry a lot, care deeply about people I love. Need to be more even.

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