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18. Please describe your emotions.

Balanced most of the time.


Overly sensitive, empathetic, prone to sadness and extreme happiness. Full of big love.

I'm stable and try to focus on the positive, excluding the negative emotions as much as possible.

I feel emotions quite deeply. I battle depression & anxiety, but I've got to a point where it's manageable. I try and hold on to a positive outlook to stay strong.

Extremes. Not in a manic, crazy way. But passionate? Yeah, let's go with that.

Highly personal!

I'm moody, very sensitive.

I try to be objective and balanced about my emotions, but inevitable I'm a bit of passive/aggressive, thereby sometimes I just explode and become too emotional when something really bothers me.

Too tightly controlled.

I think I'm quite an introverted person. I think about all the bad that's going on in the world and it's makes me very sad. I've had suicidal thoughts in the recent past. But my friends tell me I'm sweet and thoughtful.

I am happy. There are times when I really haven't been (because of husband's business problems, lack of money, not being able to have kids), so now I am doubly grateful for the simple pleasures (birdsong, my cats, my flowers, a good cup of coffee). Also love the job I have created for myself (writing teacher) and my students bring me joy. Husband is also relaxed and happy these days so life is good.


Even keel

I'm mostly happy. I feel satisfied with the relationships I have in my life.


Again- fairly calm and even.

My emotions are the weather.

Stable. Honest to a fault.

Intense, sometimes unpredictable. Mostly loving, but swing toward anger more often than I would like

they are what they are :)

Usually pretty balanced with the occasional earth-shattering breakdown

Strong, fluid, caring.

Mostly stable. Sometimes compartmentalized. Not as many highs or lows as when I was young.

Mostly, sad. Occasionally, happy.

My emotions are deep and inspiring.

I am quite an emotional person. I think I am empathetic and I try to be thoughtful. I love to laugh and I laugh a lot. I find happiness in small things and small beauties and minute details. I cry easily over sad and happy things and I have a very fiery temper when I am provoked. I think I am pretty even keeled for the most part, but I am one of those people who gets "hangry" (angry when they are hungry), and I am not fit to be around at those times. Sometimes I get stressed out and I have difficulty sleeping. I run a small business so it is usually about money.

Really strong and independent in everything

I'm fairly emotional, tending to over-react. Mostly, I'm happy.

Generally pretty steady. I tend to be very empathic and sympathetic. Pretty happy on a regular basis with occasional dips into melancholy.


I'm pretty straight forwards emotionally. I once described myself as "a cheerful little soul, drunk on her own brilliance." and I think that's pretty accurate. I only get stressed or sad if something is causing it, then it's like I have this background hum of stress or whatever but I can normally distract myself by reading or watching kids TV so it's not all consuming.

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