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18. Please describe your emotions.

I have them. I like to hide my emotions, I think. I'm willing to show them around a very few amount of people. I can be a very expressive person, but often, I'm acting, I used to connect a lot to Shakespeare's saying that the whole world is a stage and we are merely actors, I think that that connection influenced how I decided to portray emotions. I'm really a calm person who likes to handle things in a sensible way, but I also like sharing and showing people good-hearted caring.

stressed. busy. tired. neutral. impatient.

Strong influence
Trying to be Driving
But pace keeps them with limited influence

a ~~~colour palette that moves just as quickly, but is permanently rooted somewhat in yellow or orange, even if just a tinge.

Strong & passionate but generally under high control.

The other day I was talking about the difference between emotions and feelings with a friend.

Emotions :happy, sad, angry. Indicative. Feelings: more complicated and nuanced than that. My emotions -- when I emote -- there's always some choice in it. My mother and I would fight and we'd get so over the top and yell in 1940s sounding transatlantic voices and make these ridiculous grandiose statements... When I was younger my emotions were about proving something. About showing. I don't think I do that anymore. When I feel joy and I'm with someone I trust, I express it but its not to prove something

happy and welcoming

all over the place

my emotions are generally positive and happy, but certain events can change that.

Miss family- sisters and daughters all away- most in different hemispheres. But salutary in my outlook; as long as they are well I'll get on but few regrets lots to look forward to.

Intense, fiery, too quick to react

At the moment - cry at everything (pregnancy hormones).
Usually - caring and empathic

Passionate, caring, sometimes insufficiently processed

My emotions are like fire. A bit uncontrollable. The give me my best and my worst moments. I am not bipolar, at least that I know, but that is how I feel.

Also still functioning despite myself.

Moody, unyielding, harsh and sometimes unfair. Excitable and ecstatic. Highs and lows.

Inventively anxious when stressed.

Sometimes melancholic and feeling down in the night, but in the morning I am able to see new perspectives and possibilities

high ups, low downs, tend to overdo things

In balance

Even commercials can make me cry at the moment but i fully blame that on the hormones or perhaps just being a mom. I'm not actually sad. I don't have a lot of unresolved issues left. I'm a happy girl! Never in a bad mood, not easily mad. Easy going.

Mercurial. Intense but short lived.

They are usually chilled out and kept in check. I hide them or try to balance them with other people's so as not to upset anybody. But when the emotions eventually do get out, shit kicks off.

Pretty wild.

Generally, quite calm and easy-going; can have high "highs" and, if annoyed to a certain degree, a scalding temper.

Generally pretty even but am often disappointed in other people.

calmed, cheerful, in love,

Many micro mood swings that occur in my mind on a daily basis. I get very excited about simple things, like a great cheese plate. I get easily frustrated by people being rude or ignorant. I cry at movies but rarely cry about things in real life. I get angry a lot but don't let people see it, except for my poor husband.

I am pretty strongly emotional; sadness and joy, happiness and empathy for myself, but mainly also others and the world, play out emotionally; at this stage in my life I feel exhausted and at times I overwhelmed by emotions; yet I stay with them


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