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18. Please describe your emotions.

Inventively anxious when stressed.

Sometimes melancholic and feeling down in the night, but in the morning I am able to see new perspectives and possibilities

high ups, low downs, tend to overdo things

In balance

Even commercials can make me cry at the moment but i fully blame that on the hormones or perhaps just being a mom. I'm not actually sad. I don't have a lot of unresolved issues left. I'm a happy girl! Never in a bad mood, not easily mad. Easy going.

Mercurial. Intense but short lived.

They are usually chilled out and kept in check. I hide them or try to balance them with other people's so as not to upset anybody. But when the emotions eventually do get out, shit kicks off.

Pretty wild.

Generally, quite calm and easy-going; can have high "highs" and, if annoyed to a certain degree, a scalding temper.

Generally pretty even but am often disappointed in other people.

calmed, cheerful, in love,

Many micro mood swings that occur in my mind on a daily basis. I get very excited about simple things, like a great cheese plate. I get easily frustrated by people being rude or ignorant. I cry at movies but rarely cry about things in real life. I get angry a lot but don't let people see it, except for my poor husband.

I am pretty strongly emotional; sadness and joy, happiness and empathy for myself, but mainly also others and the world, play out emotionally; at this stage in my life I feel exhausted and at times I overwhelmed by emotions; yet I stay with them


Normalmente soy pura emoción, tengo poca capacidad de contención cuando algo me conmueve, me enfada o me entristece mucho. Pero en seguida me recompongo, recapacito y puedo actuar friamente si la situación lo requiere.

Emotionally stable. Excellent marriage.

they are quite loud. if i feel something, i'll let you know. also they're quite bi-polar and can be influenced by other people ('s emotions)

I am prone to anxiety and introversion. When I am feeling delicate, I like to wear "tough" clothes so people will leave me alone.

My emotions are easily triggered, I cry easily and laugh at anything. Sometimes that also means I have a hot temper, it's the Spanish in me.

happy at times, angry at others, confident in my own skin, frustrated


Unapologetic, locked-up, numerous.

day by day I try to be more emotional and sensitive and show people I love that I love them trying not to hide my feelings and making an effort to be happier every day

a storm

There´s always a big fight taking place inside of my heart.

Very deep - but since I was a child I try to keep them underneath. Not always helpful.

Unable to do so.

Im an introvert person, i keep my emotion for myself but they are like a rollercoaster besides the fact that im afraid of rollercoasters, most of the time there is nostalgia, i love my memories and melancholy

I laugh all the time, but I consider myself an introvert, very melancholic when I was a teenager

Nervous or quiet.

Nowadays, I'm feeling good. Not so much with my body, but with myself as a person.

Intense, passionate, very strong, very alive,...

Intensives and reflexives

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