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19. What are you wearing on your body and face, and how is your hair done, right at this moment?

A towel. Drying off from the shower.

I’m wearing an orange jumpsuit that I bought on sale at Hope Ave on top of a white shirt with these big bell sleeves. My shoes are plain black Tevas, a failsafe. My friend gave me the shirt, she said she didn’t wear it much. There’s orange shimmer eyeshadow rimming my eyes, but not even on the lid. I saw a girl wearing it that way once, and I thought it looked beautiful and feral and just amazing. I’ve never looked back. I have on mascara and a touch of eyeliner. I’ve got my pair of browline glasses on, too.

I have mini short and big loose t-shirt and I have clip on my hair

I wearing a red sleep dress with holes which was given to me as a gift by my then 7 year old daughter seven years ago, with holes on it. Today she said, mom I think it is time for you to get rid of it. Some eyeliner, blush and red lipstick from the day.

Boxers and sweatpants.
Hair down from my sleepbun.

I have on no makeup. I am wearing a t-shirt and black leggings. My hair is in the same ponytail as it was in yesterday, and the top is a mess from sleeping in it.

I'm wearing black dress pants (yes, I'm at work) with long johns underneath, even though it is nearly May; I am just a big cold baby. I'm wearing a new shirt my sister bought me for Christmas with a sort of gray/black/white striped pattern across it - I wish I knew how to describe it better. I'm wearing a pair of black leather dress shoes that are on their last legs (though you can't tell if you aren't wearing them). My hair is back in a ponytail. As usual, my face is free of any makeup whatsoever. I would love to be good at makeup, but at this point, I feel too nervous and old to look like anything but a clown if I started now. (I'm only twenty-six, but yes, I sure do feel old.)

no make up on my face. No underwear just an old long sleeved tee and jogger pants that are one size bigger. My hair is shaved. no jewelry. I have chipped nail polish on my fingernails

I'm wearing a pink turtleneck I got at the thrift store, a bra that is really tight because it's trying to hold my unfortunately large breasts up, highwaisted jeans from American Apparel, sweaty socks, and a hat from the band the 1975 to hide my greasy hair. I just have eyebrow stuff and mascara on.

leggings, a sweater, and my hair is in a bun

I wear frost and glow high light and I have bracelet.

I am wearing jeans, a tie dye sleeveless long tank top, bare feet, many earrings, one necklace and my signature perfume. I wear my hair short so I don't have to waste time & money styling it. I sport 9 tattoos all gotten after the age of 59 each one of which represents something significant in my life.

I have my hair done in a short style and have jewelry and a western top on with jeans.

I am in my pyjamas, my hair is still a bit damp from the shower and I've got no makeup on.

pjs, glasses, ponytail

I'm in my flat and don't plan on leaving any time soon so right now I'm wearing an old pair of baggy trousers (pretty sure they've got watermelon juice and soup stains on them from earlier in the week oops) and a mustard yellow cosy jumper. I have no make-up on and my hair is pulled back into a messy ponytail (you don't want to know what my fringe looks like!).

I am wearing my glasses. I spent a lot of money on them and I love them.
My hair is about two inches long in some places. I use a pomade on it to keep it off those nice glasses.
My acne cleared up when I turned wait. Still hasn't happened.
Oily skin is a great wrinkle preventative.

i am wearing pj trousers, a vest top and a big fluffy jumper. my nails are mostly chipped and I'm wearing zero makeup. my hair is in a wonky ponytail.

I'm wearing black thermal leggings, socks, and gray boot-style slippers. I'm wearing an old T-shirt from my dance studio and my hair is in a messy bun. I don't have any makeup on.

A black down coat, a festive jumper, a flannel shirt, corduroy trousers and a plaid scarf. No makeup. Ponytail.

Hair is short and it is not done in any way, apart the cut. I don't wear make-up (never). I have a gray wool sweater, black t-shirt, dark jeans and black pair of boots.

I am currently wearing a bralette, underwear and a wrap around dress with a watch on one wrist, a fitbit and a hair tie on the other and my hair is down as it is wet from the shower. No make up.

Just woken up so night and eye cream on my face, my hair is half done up as it all fell out due to its length and I'm wearing a t-shirt and undies.

I just took a shower, I never blow dry my hair so it is still wet. I am wearing a soft, blue cotton t shirt - v neck and made from sustainable cotton. I am wearing black yoga pants as I plan to go for a class later in the afternoon. No make up, just some simple aloe based moisturizer.

When I go out, I will add kohl and lip balm. But I am not a big fan of make up beyond that.

im au naturel - just in jammies in bed - hair all over the place

comfortable dress. black-white stripes. black cardigan. naked face. short-out-grown haircut nothing in the hair

I am wearing socks from work today. They have to be black at my job but I like them on the weekends too because they go well with my Sam Edleman black booties I like to wear a lot. I have my brother's stolen blue pajama pants. Sorry, Gabe. I have one of my favorite sweatshirts my FLAWLESS pullover that's in reference to the Beyonce visual album. One of my best friends Tory has one, too. It's a conversation piece I wear for comfort and warmth but can style with leggings, a bandana, and keds for a cute look. I still have my makeup on from the day. I like my eyeliner and will wear it even when just relaxing by myself right now. Foundation is probably not great to wear longer than I need it, but life doesn't revolve around that as much as complicated skin care routines think it is. My hair is parted with the bangs swept aside. I really like my bangs, but I was outside with my hood up in the wind today for work, so I just shoved them out of my eyes. I kept it that way. I recently got my haircut so I had the thought: maybe some days I wear my hair like this if I want a bangs break. This is it's trial run. Welcome. So far so good.

I am wearing no shirt and American Apparel black-disco bike shorts. No shoes or socks. My hair is shaved to about half an inch in length all around.

Hair under 1had and a Hadtuch. Glances out of the other, schräg auf dem Kopf.
Hair colored blond, mixture of selfmade colorations. Washed yesterday, cutted three months ago.
Decided to be coulorfull today. Blouson with flowers over a Blue, grobmaschiger strickpulli, Nails rosé (typically but not planned Not really well done)
Highending trouser, Green socks (really One Element too much but - also typical, i didnt have an other Clean Pair.)
Black, pretty exhausted, shoes.

pjs hair tied back

My hair is a shambles - I've not long got up. I'm wearing my glasses - the ones I call my work glasses, because they were the ones I could find when I got out of bed. They're round, thick framed and tortoise shell coloured. I'm wearing the two silver bangles that I keep on in bed. I haven't put my other silver bracelet, earrings or ring on yet. I'm wearing the black bra that I always wear that is well and truly past it's best - I can feel some of the underwire digging into my right boob. I'm wearing a black camisole over that. It's old and past it's best too. And I'm wearing a pair of grey and pink spotty Elle Macpherson knickers. They're still in reasonably good knick. I'm contemplating getting in the shower, but keeping telling myself I'll do two more survey questions.

Red v-neck long sleeve tunic, black leggings, Bean boots, grey knitted socks, simple stud earrings, natural make-up (light eyebrow filling, mascara, and tinted moisture), hair is in a braid.

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