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19. What are you wearing on your body and face, and how is your hair done, right at this moment?

My hair is in a somewhat messy pixie haircut, and I haven't brushed it today. I kind of ran my fingers through it this morning....
No makeup today, except my morning skincare routine, and tinted vileda moisturiser. If I was wearing makeup it would probably be brown eyebrow gel, greenish eyeliner, and a touch of mascara.
I'm wearing highwaisted indigo wide-leg jeans, a navy boat-neck sweatshirt, french-tucked and a chunky multicolored tartan/check wool fabric patchwork shawl. Brown sheepskin ugg-style slipper boots and green socks.

I'm wearing pink satin pajama pants and a white cotton shirt with a sea green and light pink floral print right now. My hair is not done and I have sunscreen on my face. I wear sunscreen indoors becaause I sit in front of a huge wall length window and live somewhere very sunny. I've been self quarantined for about five months and I dress differently at home.

Casual, no makeup, no jewelry, hair just washed. We are still in quarantine for the most part and I do yoga in brief intervals all day every day. I like to be ready whenever the spirit moves me.

I am on my sofa in my pjs watching Match of the Day. My hair is down.

I am at work. My brown hair is in a blunt bob around chin length. I have no makeup on, just lotion, sunscreen, and some Aquaphor on my lips.

I'm wearing a pair of charcoal j.crew vintage straight jeans which I am OBSESSED with and have worn for weeks on end. Black Blundstone boots. Also a black tee shirt with the logo of a local Toronto print shop, Secret Planet. Over that, I am wearing this LL Bean zip-up hooded plaid flannel that I bought this weekend. I like it.

Old jumper, leggings, hair down

I like wearing casual and makeup myself
I usually curl my hear because I like that

Nothing, and normal.

Leggings, oversized crew neck sweatshirt, mascara and brow tinted gel, two Dutch braids

light wash mom jeans, green long sleeve, with Air Force 1. My hair is in a bun and I am wearing no makeup.

My hair is clipped up into a curly birdsnest, like Helena Bonham Carter's coif with bobby pins and a scrunchie.

I'm wearing an oversized solid black hoodie, a camisole, a thong, and tight camo pants. I'm wearing aviator prescription glasses, like Gloria Steinham.

I put on makeup probably 12 hours ago:
Doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara in Black
Belle En Argent Lip Color in Smoking on Screen
Seraphine Botanicals Luminizing Primer
IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Fair
Revlon Blonde Eyebrow Pencil
Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Navy blue trousers, a faded pink plaid shirt, my hair is in a messy bun, no make up, glasses, daith ring.

As I lost most of my hair it is cut very short. I do not wear make-up. I shaved Five day ago. I wear a blue Sweater knitted by me (of Course) made of Merino wool (100 % wool), a pair of blue Jeans (Levis 501), blue socks and that's it. I like the Colour blue.

I'm wearing a black dress with puff sleeves (the one I have twice) made by a friend of a friend, I'm wearing rings made by an artist I adore (which to me is the most wonderful form of jewellery because I can look at it myself all day and wear it for me not for anyone else's gaze), sandals I made myself from leather scraps, and my hair is just being as it is, as it always is

Nothing on my face, pjs on body and bun on top of my head.

Sheer black blouse with star-print pattern. Black racer tank vest underneath. Black bra and pants. Black skinny jeans. Bare feet. Hair down, cut into just above shoulder bob with feathered fringe. Gold ring on first finger, left hand.

lying on bed. jockey panties, nautical stripe dress from goodwill that makes stylish sleep garment
that can be worn outside to water garden
hair self cut short pixyish white hair kept white with horse shampoo,
no makeup ever. except maybe lipstick

foundtoin, concealer, highlighter bronzer, mascara hair in a bun

Facial sunscreen and a cheap bb cream. A long sleeved shirt and pin striped pants. My hair is down with one clip in it.

Of work now so no makeup and wearing yoga-pants and top and my hair is short so not much to do With that.

I'm wearing a slate gray mechanic jumpsuit I got from Amazon. It's boring, and I don't own an iron so I haven't yet put any patches on it yet, but I'm wearing a yellow scarf around my neck. I'm also wearing socks with Edvard Munch's The Scream on them, under black Converse high tops I've worn to death over the past three years. In my ears are dangly white vintage earrings that reach my shoulders, and on my fingers are an emerald green ring and a (fake) diamond ring. I have two barrettes in my hair, and a ton of blush on my cheeks and nose. I'm also wearing yellow eyeshadow, with my waterline in a blushy orange.

I am in bed with cotton blue striped pyjama bottoms. on top I am wearing a wool turtle neck and a bright red hoodie. I am still wearing minimal makeup - a bit of foundation, mascara and blusher. my hair is out and messy.

Soft black leggings, an oversized comfy pastel purple cotton tee shirt, a black sports bra, my hair is in a rolled up top bun and I have coconut oil on my face (I just did a homemade facial mask).

I am wearing a short lycra gown. My hair is up in huge bun surrounded by a head band and pearl earrings. The slight makeup on my face has vanished because work is over, but my wrists are embedded in beads, a gold chain and a fitbit. My nails are fixed with acrylic with a dual tone of grey and purple.
I am wearing comfy wedge shoes.

A towel. Drying off from the shower.

I’m wearing an orange jumpsuit that I bought on sale at Hope Ave on top of a white shirt with these big bell sleeves. My shoes are plain black Tevas, a failsafe. My friend gave me the shirt, she said she didn’t wear it much. There’s orange shimmer eyeshadow rimming my eyes, but not even on the lid. I saw a girl wearing it that way once, and I thought it looked beautiful and feral and just amazing. I’ve never looked back. I have on mascara and a touch of eyeliner. I’ve got my pair of browline glasses on, too.

I have mini short and big loose t-shirt and I have clip on my hair

I wearing a red sleep dress with holes which was given to me as a gift by my then 7 year old daughter seven years ago, with holes on it. Today she said, mom I think it is time for you to get rid of it. Some eyeliner, blush and red lipstick from the day.

Boxers and sweatpants.
Hair down from my sleepbun.

I have on no makeup. I am wearing a t-shirt and black leggings. My hair is in the same ponytail as it was in yesterday, and the top is a mess from sleeping in it.

I'm wearing black dress pants (yes, I'm at work) with long johns underneath, even though it is nearly May; I am just a big cold baby. I'm wearing a new shirt my sister bought me for Christmas with a sort of gray/black/white striped pattern across it - I wish I knew how to describe it better. I'm wearing a pair of black leather dress shoes that are on their last legs (though you can't tell if you aren't wearing them). My hair is back in a ponytail. As usual, my face is free of any makeup whatsoever. I would love to be good at makeup, but at this point, I feel too nervous and old to look like anything but a clown if I started now. (I'm only twenty-six, but yes, I sure do feel old.)

no make up on my face. No underwear just an old long sleeved tee and jogger pants that are one size bigger. My hair is shaved. no jewelry. I have chipped nail polish on my fingernails

I'm wearing a pink turtleneck I got at the thrift store, a bra that is really tight because it's trying to hold my unfortunately large breasts up, highwaisted jeans from American Apparel, sweaty socks, and a hat from the band the 1975 to hide my greasy hair. I just have eyebrow stuff and mascara on.

leggings, a sweater, and my hair is in a bun

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