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20. In what way is this stuff important, if at all?

I think it's a way to express confidence and help others to have trust in you. If you dress in sweats then you attract those who also wear sweat. if you wear the things that are extra you attract those who are also like that.

I think not at all, but because other people think otherwise, I have to dress to meet certain socially acceptable standards

I guess it gives me an understanding of where my self confidence actually is.
I want to dress how I want the world to see me. But if I see myself like this no wonder I don’t dress how I like.

We present ourselves to the world with intention. It starts a conversation. I don’t think clothes and style are everything, but they are not irrelevant. Many people find inspiration and creativity in these things.

Soft blankets are a sensual pleasure and keep me warm in winter and when I read in my hammock in the spring and fall. I always have plum lip balm in my pocket. Pockets are important to me.

How I look affects my emotions, and energy is everything. It's what you project into the world without saying a word. If I want to feel confident, I have to think confidently and look confidently.

I love my signature look. I feel comfortable out in the world if I look exactly how I should with no flaws, (other than my chest.)

My hair is simple..classic..pretty..hate product..just good shampoo and conditioner..Like jeans with style or embellishment..something other than plain jeans..i like sexy..not sleezy

It is important because talking about fashion is talking about society. By dressing we express our personality. Fashion is a way to find my tribe.

Generally great to use as an extension of self-expression.

Its important in that it makes me feel a certain way. Going through a depression - wearing sweatpants everyday did not make me feel good about myself.

Not to say clothing can cure depression. But clothing can effect mood. It can amplify it for better or for worse

essential to live everyday.

I rarely spend time and effort to look good indoors during the lockdown, every minute counts, the days fly so quickly. I usually dress for others, not myself.

comfy the comfiest

I want to read the book and that is why I visited this page. It is just interesting to see the questions and fun to answer them.

Fashion is creativity that can be just for me. It's a way to play and communicate, and also make each day sparkle a little.

I think my husband has it right. It really doesn’t matter what a woman looks like if she isn’t a nice person. She won’t look pretty. It is what is in her heart that makes her shine in whatever she is wearing!

it's your body. it's intimate and tactile and a cultural symbol

It's not.

When you look good you feel good
Style is a reflection of you at that moment in time

It can be beautiful and keep me warm.

it helps one conceptualize one's self i guess. i don't even care about fitting in with other people, but i like fitting in with an environment (bedroom, city street, forest, etc). it helps me feel centered.

When it comes to the deep-meaning-of-life-stuff, there are far more important issues than clothing.
Inner qualities are more important. I don't like 'judging a book by it's cover' - I'd hate that someone came to a snap-judgement about me (especially negative!) just by my appearance. I don't want to do that to others!
However, I also think that what we wear can be an enjoyable way to express who we are, and share a bit of ourselves with the world. Since we need to get dressed every day, why not make it enjoyable? Why not make my outer self match my inner self!? Just don't make it a competition, a financially miserable burden, and a cause of consumption and waste.

Clothes bring me joy and a sense of peace. I like to curate the way I present myself. The way I dress says something about me and it's interesting how different that message is to different people. Clothes are a form of communication on some level, whether or not people are intentionally transmitting messages through what they wear.

It is important because this was a way of introspecting ourselves. We need to know when we feel comfortable and confident and if we don't feel either of these, it is necessary to realize why.

I believe that clothing helps us define ourselves, especially those of us who are extraordinarily sensitive to the outside world. It provides, not armor necessarily, but definition and distinction.

I dont know.

The tee makes me feel like I'm supporting local business and also repping the east end of Toronto, where I live. I guess there's a sense of community there.

The flannel and jeans make me feel comfortable.

I feel subconscious about my boots because they always look dirty and awful from walking around the city all winter.

It is the way people see you and to a degree, how you see yourself. It matters, but it's not an end in itself

It is really important in a way that I can trust myself and the way that I dressed

It is how we express ourselves as people. The way you dress will impact how others choose to view you and will always contribute to a first impression.

It’s not really important, just all done so I can be comfortable

I like to feel comfortable and stylish. I've been told green is nice color on me.

It's really pretty unimportant in the greater scheme of things. I work from home and I only left my house for 10 minutes today, to purchase a kombucha bag of spicy peanuts from a convenience store.

However, I feel myself--I feel attractive and confident if a friend showed up at my door or I had a surprise video call for work.

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