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20. In what way is this stuff important, if at all?

When it comes to the deep-meaning-of-life-stuff, there are far more important issues than clothing.
Inner qualities are more important. I don't like 'judging a book by it's cover' - I'd hate that someone came to a snap-judgement about me (especially negative!) just by my appearance. I don't want to do that to others!
However, I also think that what we wear can be an enjoyable way to express who we are, and share a bit of ourselves with the world. Since we need to get dressed every day, why not make it enjoyable? Why not make my outer self match my inner self!? Just don't make it a competition, a financially miserable burden, and a cause of consumption and waste.

Clothes bring me joy and a sense of peace. I like to curate the way I present myself. The way I dress says something about me and it's interesting how different that message is to different people. Clothes are a form of communication on some level, whether or not people are intentionally transmitting messages through what they wear.

It is important because this was a way of introspecting ourselves. We need to know when we feel comfortable and confident and if we don't feel either of these, it is necessary to realize why.

I believe that clothing helps us define ourselves, especially those of us who are extraordinarily sensitive to the outside world. It provides, not armor necessarily, but definition and distinction.

I dont know.

The tee makes me feel like I'm supporting local business and also repping the east end of Toronto, where I live. I guess there's a sense of community there.

The flannel and jeans make me feel comfortable.

I feel subconscious about my boots because they always look dirty and awful from walking around the city all winter.

It is the way people see you and to a degree, how you see yourself. It matters, but it's not an end in itself

It is really important in a way that I can trust myself and the way that I dressed

It is how we express ourselves as people. The way you dress will impact how others choose to view you and will always contribute to a first impression.

It’s not really important, just all done so I can be comfortable

I like to feel comfortable and stylish. I've been told green is nice color on me.

It's really pretty unimportant in the greater scheme of things. I work from home and I only left my house for 10 minutes today, to purchase a kombucha bag of spicy peanuts from a convenience store.

However, I feel myself--I feel attractive and confident if a friend showed up at my door or I had a surprise video call for work.

I think it's important in so far as if you don't feel comfortable in how you look - if you're self conscious about your hair or uncomfortable in your clothes - it can make you uncomfortable in general, in your interactions with others, make you not want to leave the house.

The pair of Jeans was bought from Money that my mom gave me, so it is important in a way but blue Jeans are also everyday garments. The Sweater was made by me. On the back it shows a tree, the branches of the tree are coming from a braid. It reminds a Little bit of the design in the Lord-of-the-ring-Films. In the front there is only one braid.

it represents my values and that makes me comfortable on top of feeling comfortable too. my jewellery is as stated my favourite thing as they're so lovingly crafted and make me smile every day. it's a little 'pygmy' twisted around my right hand, so detailed it has a belly button and two lady 'dwarf's wrapped around my other hand with such detail and wabi-sabi. (that's the names the artist calls them)

I don't really know.

varies by my mood
one day I love having choices
next day- sell it allstudents

out ffrom long day at work

It's important as a source of joy, a linchpin of identity for ourselves and in our communities, as a negative identifier, as a connection between generations, as signifier of attention, rebellion, sickness and wellness. A visual and tactile culture.

For me its about my Identity.

I dont think dressing is that important but noticing it can reveal a lot of interesting things about people.

Important because its comfy and functional. Unimportant because I don't really like what I am wearing. Its not what I feel is my "style" but it is what I have and it works.

It describes my personal touch and view of fashion - I like my comfort.

It's posited as an expression of self hood, which is a considered an important story in a capitalist society.

You project a certain energy and attract a certain type of person. I like feeling like I can be whoever I like. The clothes make the man, like Mark Twain said.

feels good

Very important. It is the way I present myself to the outside world. It is the way I curate what I put my body in.

Armor. Decor. Expression. Identity.

Thinking about how I express myself in relation to how I feel can teach me a lot about myself.

It's important to whomever it brings joy and purpose to. Fashion is only mildly important to me. To my twin sister, it's a huge part of her life. Making outfits is something she gets passionate about, and it brings her confidence. So it depends on the person.

how you choose to dress says a lot about what's important to you and gives a glimpse into what kind of person you are.

It's really not, although I do think my clothes are a reflection of who I am. It's not the most important reflection of who I am, but it's still one nonetheless.

it isnt

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