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20. In what way is this stuff important, if at all?

varies by my mood
one day I love having choices
next day- sell it allstudents

out ffrom long day at work

It's important as a source of joy, a linchpin of identity for ourselves and in our communities, as a negative identifier, as a connection between generations, as signifier of attention, rebellion, sickness and wellness. A visual and tactile culture.

For me its about my Identity.

I dont think dressing is that important but noticing it can reveal a lot of interesting things about people.

Important because its comfy and functional. Unimportant because I don't really like what I am wearing. Its not what I feel is my "style" but it is what I have and it works.

It describes my personal touch and view of fashion - I like my comfort.

It's posited as an expression of self hood, which is a considered an important story in a capitalist society.

You project a certain energy and attract a certain type of person. I like feeling like I can be whoever I like. The clothes make the man, like Mark Twain said.

feels good

Very important. It is the way I present myself to the outside world. It is the way I curate what I put my body in.

Armor. Decor. Expression. Identity.

Thinking about how I express myself in relation to how I feel can teach me a lot about myself.

It's important to whomever it brings joy and purpose to. Fashion is only mildly important to me. To my twin sister, it's a huge part of her life. Making outfits is something she gets passionate about, and it brings her confidence. So it depends on the person.

how you choose to dress says a lot about what's important to you and gives a glimpse into what kind of person you are.

It's really not, although I do think my clothes are a reflection of who I am. It's not the most important reflection of who I am, but it's still one nonetheless.

it isnt

It helps me to overcome my stress and depression.

It shows who I am....comfortable in my own skin & what you see is what you get!

It makes me feel good about myself.

It makes me the person I am.

i enjoy the design element of dressing and the tactile nature of making and wearing clothes. there's also social and political implications for how dressing happens- who benefits and who doesn't.

I love my baggy trousers for days when I really can't be bothered to make an effort or if I'm studying all day and just want to be comfortable.

How we present ourselves and how we perceive ourselves is a part of who we are. The more we talk about this stuff, the better perspective we can have on it.
Presentation is a form of power.

what is 'this stuff'? but i think fairly?

These leggings are my main bottoms at the moments since I'm taking both yoga and dance on different days. My T-shirt is special to me because it' from my old dance studio, where I danced for over 10 years. I never wear makeup (except for a costume). I spend enough time designing outfits that I feel like I don't need to spend even more on makeup. Also, I've observed how once a girl gets into the habit of wearing makeup, she (and the people around her) begins to think she looks wrong without it. I don't want that pressure for myself.

Anyway, I cannot be naked. And it speaks of who I am to some extent.

I knit the sweater myself. I like a lot of these jeans (dark colour, good fit) and I often wear a pair of black boots, these or some other pair.

I guess because style and clothes are quite personal and a reflection of the individual, it's interesting to find out the motives behind people's armour.

It is important because it is part of who I am, right now - in this moment, in this apartment in Singapore, running my own business - this is the woman I am. And everything it has taken to get here is condensed and reflected in how I show myself to the world.

it sort of feels comfortable

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