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21. With whom do you talk about clothes?

My closest friends

Nobody. A daughter, rarely.

I talk about clothes with my mother and my daughters.

Anyone that is interested in sustainable fashion (most recently)!
Otherwise I would only talk about clothes with my flatmates, boyfriend or mum.

No-one really. That's why I enjoyed reading the book so much.

My sister

Friends and sisters and myself

No one in particular, but almost always only girls.

It's important in that it's part of how I express myself and the stories I tell myself about who I am at any particular moment.

Friends, colleagues, my mother...

I talk to my sister about my clothes, and I talk to my husband about his clothes.

I like talking to erkia

I talk about them with my roommate a lot. We share similar feelings of being unable to piece an outfit together. I also will send pictures of my outfit to some friends in other cities to ask if it looks okay.

My mom, my older sisters, sometimes a younger sister, sometimes with friends.

Mom and daughter

Usually my female friends. We talk about clothes quite a lot probably.

The bestie

My friends, my sisters, my mother.

Everyone and I am often asked about fashion and style

no one.


Mother, sisters, bloggers (Garance Dore)

friend friends and husband

with my closest friends, men or woman

with me, sometimes with daughters or friends

If the subject come up: friends, family, people I met.

I talk about clothes with the people I go shopping with, but I do wish I had more people with whom I could talk about clothes on a more general level.

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