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23. Do you think you have taste or style? Which one is more important? What do these words mean to you

I have more taste than style. My physical appearance is sadly middle aged and rabbity looking, so I don't wear things that can overwhelm the greige skin and fading hair. Both taste and style are equally important. I admire people with bold style or a good sense of their personal style, but good taste is also a question of manners, speech, and actions. Style is wearing a really beautiful fun piece of statement costume jewelry. Taste is a string of pearls.

Style is sitting in a room at twilight and not turning on the lights.
Taste is not noticing the twilight until you realize that your red dress is muted.
Both are descriptive words, I think of myself as styled more often than tasteful.

I definitely have taste! It's difficult for me to have style right now with a toddler pulling on my clothes at all hours.
I think taste is much more important, it encompasses all of life.
To me, taste is the appreciation of a higher esthetic and comes from within. Style is what you put on your body and how you carry that off.

Yes. I think these words mean an understanding of what I look good wearing. For me, my style, at it’s best is understated elegance. I don’t like fussy clothes, I don’t like many patterns. I like a classic look to which I can add surprises and personal touches.

I think I have had the great luck to learn taste from my european background and amazing husband. Style is something I have built out of that to be myself.

It's not important to everyone, but sadly neither is art.

Fashion is art to me. I feel like a collector, loving every item, and wanting to show each piece at it's best. My body is the canvas, and I like to see how the designers (and I do mean Sears and Marks and Spencer journeymen too) wanted the world to look.

I guess I probably have style; I wouldn't call my look "classic" or "traditional" and I think "tasteful" is a boring thing to say about anything, whether it be music, art, clothes, or whatever.

Yes, I have taste. And I have "a" style. Taste to me means something that is cultivated, considered, and assured. I often think people have good or bad taste. It's fascinating. My particular taste, in clothing, in food, and in general aesthetic, is flawed, I think, because it's too messy. Too ill-considered. Too much blurring of the lines. And not on purpose. But that's what makes me me. And then we go into style. Style is entirely personal for me.
Since my son was born 7 years ago, and before this, I became addicted to buying everything at The Gap. My family jokes about this. Despite this preponderancy, I have lots to curate from because of a hoarding instinct.
My style is luxurious, and messy. My mother's side of the family was wealthy. My maternal grandmother greatly influenced my sense of style. She had a dressing room, and it smelled like her soaps and perfumes and talcum powders(she was the owner of Calcutta Chemical, a toiletries) manufacturer. She wore beautiful chiffon saris and printed silks in the hot days, and heavier materials at night. I played with her cut-glass necklaces. My favourite were the midnight blue and the aqua and pink refracted ones. In present day, people often ask where I've gotten something or complement an item of clothing. So I'm a good curator.

Nope. I wish I could wear a uniform.

Both. I think taste is knowing what looks good, specifically on your body type. Style is having a sense of your own fashion aesthetic.

I think I have both. I think style is more important than taste. I think taste is more subjective, while style is more universal. I think style really comes down to your unique body and dressing it in a way that says you love and understand your body. Style is choosing a fitted dress that accents all your amazing curves and everything you love most about your body. Taste is choosing the orange dress over the red dress.

I think I have good taste. I wish I had better style. I think I can pick out things that look nice, things that are cut well and made of nice fabrics, but I don't think I have a particularly strong sense of how things go together in surprising or unexpected ways. That's what I think of as style: the ability to combine disparate elements in a way that reveals the singularity of your mind.

I have no style. I have taste to help others with their style. Neither is more important.

I think I have both taste and style, but taste is more important because it is impossible to be stylish without being tasteful. Stylish implies something that others admire, but tasteful is more basic.

i think i have both.

I think I have both.
To me, taste means you know how to pick out a good piece, style means you know who should wear it and what with.

Yes; I think style is what you personally wear based on taste, and taste can be broader - for instance, your taste allows you to appreciate the daring style of someone else's outfit that you would never ever ever attempt for yourself.

Hm, taste or style. Is there a difference? It's not an either or. My taste helps define my style and they both represent who I am. I have both and they are both equally important.

I do. I think they are equally important. they define what I like and what I do with or how I execute what I like.

Taste: objective
Style: subjective.

Style is your choice, your expression. Taste is another's judgement of it. I'd rather have my own style, however ugly and illfit, than get someone's approval of my choices.

I don't like the word taste - I think it can't shake off a sort of classist tinge of superiority. After all, who decides what is good taste and what is bad? I think I have style. At least I hope I do. Style for me is simply having a cohesive vision of what you want to look like rather than just throwing clothes on.

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