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24. Do you remember the biggest waste of money you ever made on an item of clothing?

Cheap winter boots. I won't mention the brand. But you cannot scrimp on boots when you live in the Northeastern area of the United States.

I one spent £20 on a top and the next day I found a hole. The company refused a refund!

I feel like my entire childhood was my mum spending money on new clothing for me, which I feel kind of guilty about. Now that I'm older I feel myself wanting to give back and treat her to things to make up for all of that giving.

My prom dress, but it was handmade by a struggling seamstress, so maybe it wasn't a waste

Yes specially for my T-shirt

I have a pair of ankle booties with a very, very high heel. They're purple, sparkly, and designer. They fit correctly but they're just not put together very well and they make my feet hurt. I've worn them maybe 3 times.

I bought my ex-husband a $280 Norwegian sweater for Christmas one year. I think he wore it once. Some people have no taste.

Oh yes, I remember: I bought a coat from Belgian Designer for About 600 (?) Euros. It hangs still in my closet, but it has a sad life now, because I do not wear it.

I always managed to resell what was a waste in my eyes so there's no waste really I think. Probably the amount of disposable cheap clothing I bought in my teens.

Embarrassingly there are quite a few. Probably not the worst one, but I remember buying a pair of luxury silk matching pyjamas from a high-end high street brand. They were ridiculously expensive, and I hate wearing pyjamas. No idea what I was thinking there.

Actually, another time I bought a wool suit from the same high-end high street brand. It was beautiful and looked fantastic on - but I'm highly sensitive to wool fibres and they make me itch like mad. Really no idea why I thought that would be a good idea.

any shoes that hurt

all the time

Oh yes i do, bought myself some high heels from Louboutin, i got them on a Friday, and i had them on to a party following saturday where i managed to loose them...

I spent $30 on a vintage jumpsuit that didn't fit over my breasts.

many times... one of them was some thigh high fake suede boots.

No. I'll rather spend it on books.

I bought a second hand rain coat off ebay to try an overseas brand at a more affordable price. The coat was older and more worn than advertised, so it no longer was water proof. Really disappointing.

I bought a pair of nice jeans, and upon finding they didn’t fit as well as I’d like, I forgot all about them and missed the return date. I made a mediocre skirt out of them.

I would prefer not to think about it.

I bought an expensive faux fur coat that I've never worn.

Graduation dresses. I never went to prom, but at my high school and middle school, we wore dresses instead of a cap and gown. What a waste! I'm sure I even thought so at the time.

I once spend 100 dollars on a second-hand traditional Palestinian dress, in the Old City of Jerusalem. Why, I wonder, why?? I was young and naive. It wasn't even a nice one. I still have it, though.

yes, a $400 sweater

Yes I did. I bought plenty of souvenirs for my relatives.

No. I made my own wedding dress as I think it's ridiculous to spent thousands of dollars on a fussy outfit one wears for less that 24 hours.

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