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24. Do you remember the biggest waste of money you ever made on an item of clothing?

Oh yes i do, bought myself some high heels from Louboutin, i got them on a Friday, and i had them on to a party following saturday where i managed to loose them...

I spent $30 on a vintage jumpsuit that didn't fit over my breasts.

many times... one of them was some thigh high fake suede boots.

No. I'll rather spend it on books.

I bought a second hand rain coat off ebay to try an overseas brand at a more affordable price. The coat was older and more worn than advertised, so it no longer was water proof. Really disappointing.

I bought a pair of nice jeans, and upon finding they didn’t fit as well as I’d like, I forgot all about them and missed the return date. I made a mediocre skirt out of them.

I would prefer not to think about it.

I bought an expensive faux fur coat that I've never worn.

Graduation dresses. I never went to prom, but at my high school and middle school, we wore dresses instead of a cap and gown. What a waste! I'm sure I even thought so at the time.

I once spend 100 dollars on a second-hand traditional Palestinian dress, in the Old City of Jerusalem. Why, I wonder, why?? I was young and naive. It wasn't even a nice one. I still have it, though.

yes, a $400 sweater

Yes I did. I bought plenty of souvenirs for my relatives.

No. I made my own wedding dress as I think it's ridiculous to spent thousands of dollars on a fussy outfit one wears for less that 24 hours.

About $50.00 for a dress.

I once spent $60 on an eyeshadow palette that I've used like once or twice.

When I was still at school I spent £70 on a Cath Kidston bag which I used maybe twice? I don't know if bags count but that was definitely a waste of money (and £70 was a lot of saving up for an 11 year old oops)

I bought a designer dress I thought I would get a lot of use out of. And then I lost that job.

It was $150, but that was in 1984, so it was a big hunk of a paycheck for me.

i asked my mother for a wool cardigan for around £70 from superdry, when i was younger. i never wore it ever and that has always felt like the biggest waste of money to me, mostly because it was someone else money wasted because of me.

I paid for maybe half of a $90 dress when I was younger. It was a white semi-fancy summer dress with pretty flower embroidery on the bottom. It just wasn't comfortable/movable enough for me to want to wear around all the time. Also, white is never a good color for things.

Not biggest. But I have bought clothes that I haven't use almost at all :-(

A really gorgeous grey woollen coat that I bought in Shanghai on a cold winter trip and have worn exactly twice since :(

no - there are too many to count

yes. 100€ for a jeans by meltin' pot. about 12 years ago

I remember I made my poor mother pay 66 dollars for a pair of high heeled oxford booties when I was in high school. They were impossible to walk in and uncomfortable, but I liked how they looked adult, dark, sophisticated, and "fall." It was when the oxford was coming into vogue and they were hard to spot but then one million of them were produced and they lost their special appeal to me. In my defense, I did wear them maybe twice to things like recitals or some other time I needed to get a bit gussied up.

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