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24. Do you remember the biggest waste of money you ever made on an item of clothing?

Expensive coats that I daren't wear

I grew up on thrift stores and sale racks, so I was always very aware of the money I was spending. I've bought very few expensive pieces of clothing, and I always wore them quite often.

I think with online shopping today it is possible to buy something that doesn't work or fit. This happened to me once, and I wore the item for a few months but in the end it really did not fit properly. Luckily the cost was not all that much.

I did once purchase a really nice pair of embroidered leather boots in Mexico, only to abandon them one month later while traveling in Dublin. So, looking back, that was a bit of a waste… but I wanted to travel light, so it was a sacrifice.

Anything that I have ever washed. I need to read labels.

When I was younger and had less money I spent some large sum of money on a corset and medieval shirt that I never ended up wearing. C'est le vie.

It was only $11, but I bought a pair of clearance jeans that I thought I liked, wore once, forgot about just long enough to not be able to return them, tried them on again and decided I didn't like them. I don't know if that's the BIGGEST waste, but it's the first thing that came to mind.

IN my first post-university job I was working at a magazine as 'assistant editor' and I hastened to The Bay and bought a three piece suit: vest, skirt, jacket. Black. I had this idea of myself as career girl. Didn't last long. I got fired. I was a hopeless career girl. It was an idea of myself that didn't fit. Funny, that word 'suit'.

I'd buy something that didn't really fit because I liked how it looked so much. Never a good idea.

I bought a pair of spiked Sam Edelman heels. The heels are literally covered in metal spikes, and since I bought a size too big on sale, they don't really fit me. So as I hobble in them, trying to keep them on my feet, I often scrape the tops of my feet, sometimes drawing blood. But I look really stylish. Everyone says so.

anything I thought would work on a bigger chest because it looked good on a model with an A cup!

whenever i try to go "corporate" and spend the money on a nice pair of "work pants" i end up never wearing them, because the corporate look just isn't my thing. and those work pants are not cheap!

In adulthood, I bought a Michael Kors leather bag, which I intended to be my forever bag, but then realized it was way too small for my everyday needs and stuff was always spilling out the top. I could never zip it. I hung on to it for a while because I had paid a lot for it, but eventually sold it on eBay so she could find a good home. And bought a new vacuum with the proceeds, which is my weird, practical side coming out. I would not consider this a waste, but a lesson.

A pair of Marc Jacobs knee-high boots that I only wore once. They were nice in theory. I sold them to a high end consignment store for the same price I bought them so in the end I guess it wasn't a waste.

I have always been able to resell anything so it never ends up being a mistake.

I bought a crinoline when I was drunk on a Monday afternoon during my undergrad. I never wear it but I can't get rid of it. I like the way it looks in my closet and the memory of buying it, however foolish, is a good one.

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