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24. Do you remember the biggest waste of money you ever made on an item of clothing?

I bought a shocking-pink raw silk jacket which cost a vast amount of money and which I've only worn twice. The colour is too harsh and the style is middle-aged. I bought it because my mother liked it on me. (Shocking pink is her favourite colour.)

Yes, a pair of shorts

A stupid coat for New Year's Eve party when I was a teenager...

I've wasted a lot of money on clothes, unfortunately. I've bought shoes and dresses that I never wear, and that makes me sick. The fact that I've done it more than once makes me even sicker.

Ha-ha yes! A lot of stuff actually, mostly things I love in the moment but am not sure about a week later.

I can think of several examples - all of them involving attempts to get a bargain and/ or impulse buys.

no. i remember the time I scared the crap out of myself by buying a really expensive leather jacket. I spent all the money I had on it. i took it back and i argued super hard with the owner that I couldn't afford it. she was really, really mad. but really, I make mistakes. I'm getting use to it.

Thankfully, no....sometimes there is a little guilt if I have purchased something more than I would normally spend - but if I love it, then no worries (everything is a balance)

Yes it was a Burberry shirt totally not worth its money...

Not really.

It's not too bad; a pair of Joseph trousers in the sale that literally didn't do up the next day. No idea how they fit the day I got them. My cousin ebay'd them for me. Happy ending.

A pair of shoes that I bought on impulse for a party. I spent way more than I wanted to. I wore them 5 times before one of them snapped in half.

Painful shoes.

Yes. My Manolo Blahnik orange leather sandals. They're a half-size too small, and they were final sale.

I don't really buy lots of clothes.

A pair of shoes that I ended giving to my sister because they hurt me. They were too tight for me.


I remember many wastes of time knitting clothing or accessories that didn't fit or that I didn't like.

Yeah I spent £18 on a little wooly hat from Accesorize because it had a raccoon face on it with ears and it was sooooooooo cute!


Yes, my wedding dress. I was too young to know the value of a dollar.

A pair of expensive (for me) but cheaply made boots

My wedding dress. Kills me to this day that I spent $1000+ on a dress I wore once.

My wedding dress. It was purchased to appease my husbands overly religious family. It was boring, uncomfortable and nothing like "me".

Tall boots that I never wore. Turned out that dwarfed my petite body.

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