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26. Do you have style in any areas of your life aside from fashion?

Writing style, singing style.

music, literature, movies, interior design, i guess

My home.

I like my home to be furnished more contemporary.

Yes. I'm a designer!
I definitely consider my overall style aesthetic in most areas of my life... especially (as my boyf says) in interior and food design.
(Difficult and thought provoking question!)

Our home is uncluttered and everything is done to a very high standard. It had been renovated by a perfectionist, which is why we bought it. All our furniture etc (not much) fitted perfectly in size and style.

The only addition is a bespoke fitted wardrobe and drawers, turning a small bedroom into a dressing room for me. I do believe in the 'beautiful AND useful' mantra. It can be useful, but if it's ugly, it's not coming in.

We are surrounded by glorious countryside. We have great views, especially from the bedroom which has french doors and a Juliet balcony. I want to die in our bed, looking at the view. The thought brings me great peace.

I take immense pleasure from my home. My car? Not even sure what make it is (but it is always clean).

Decor and my son's wardrobe

Yes, the style in the way you carry yourself, act towards others, cultivate your surroundings etc! Theres lots of areas for style in life that doesn't revolve around clothes.

I have good taste in music and books.

I'm an interior designer

I don't like the word "style". maybe it has just been over used like the word "gourmet"

yeah, I think in interaction (e.g., body language, facial expressions, language...)

My dad's a linguistics major & is hands down the most socially clued-in (there's gotta be a better word) person I know. He has the ability to make everyone feel comfortable and like he's relating on their level (whether high or lower status,) -- plus everyone comments on his rich speaking voice... So, yeah, I think I've picked up a ton of stuff from him.

No. Always wished I had a knack for interior decorating but have given up on that skill at this point in my life.

I think in the way I choose to decorate my room.

I guess Im a bit Boho all around.

Sure. Food. Writing. Poetry. Music.

my writing style, my walking style, my cooking style (burnt to a crisp).

yes my house style, art styles and cooking styles, the things I collect and enjoy having around me. Also music.

I'm a graphic designer, so, yes.

I hope so. Conversational style, style in the house, style in how you move, style in how you interact.

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