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28. Would you say you “know what you like” in the area of fashion and clothing? If so, do you also know what you like in other areas of life, that is, are you generally good at discernment? Can you say where your discernment comes from, if you have it? Or if you don’t have it, why or why not?

Indeed, I do know what I like, I always have. In life, in love, in issues... but the difficulty arises in the discernment.
Charles Bukowski says "An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way." I would love to think that quote applies to me, however, I often get bogged down in the language of it all. I have a reckless mind and a messy soul, so if I can still carry myself with dignity then it is a good day.

I have always known what I liked. I'm the person who always makes decisions because no one else wants to.

I definitely know what I like, but I'm indecisive, too. I sometimes struggle to know what will actually look good on my body shape.

I prefer to shop by myself if I'm spending any decent amount of money. Wedding dress shopping could be rough, at times. I had five girls with me, and I felt like I needed to do it by committee.

I know what I like in the area of fashion, clothing, and life. It's easy to edit if you know what you don't like. If you are discerning, eventually you do realize there are things you do like: depending on if you're a liker or disliker of things. My mother and grandmother and maternal aunt were all choosy when it came to aesthetic appeal. My mother was always more messy than her mother and sister. I've kind of adopted this mindset, too. I am messy but choosy. So I am surrounded by luxurious, beautiful things in my apartment, which is a phantasmagorical emporium of clutter. I have discernment, but need to edit.

Yes. It comes from being very self-aware. I think about myself and my motivations a lot.

Absolutely, in all aspects of my life. I think my discernment comes from years of getting to know myself, of trying things and rejecting things and fine-tuning my preferences. I like to keep an open mind, though, and try not to dismiss anything because I think I might not like it.

yes, yes, no

I do know what I like. I think I have a very definite sense of what I prefer in most areas of life. I think it is a matter of personality. I've always had strong opinions and little use for ambiguity.

i do know what i like. definitely with clothes. in other areas i know what i like but sometimes i doubt myself

Not really. I don't have a very innovative taste in fashion. It's not particularly intuitive or knowledgeable.

I would say that. I know what I like in food and, actually, in men. I didn't date much before I met my boyfriend. I knew what I was looking for and was willing to wait until I found it.

Yes, I am very picky about what I buy - if I don't love it I don't consider it. At the same time, if something is free or dirt-cheap I will buy anything I don't hate, which has worked out for me actually. I find a lot of new styles I wouldn't normally try with this strategy!

I know what I like and what I don't like. That comes from learning to be myself, trust myself and stop silencing my inner voice that gives me guidance. I may listen to what other people say I should do but I take it under advisement and then decide on my own if it is in my best interest. This comes from resilience learned growing up and I think as I get older and gain more experience in life and start to settle into who I am. The "cracks" begin to settle in my life as they do in my house and they are okay.

I am incredibly particular about clothes and style, sometimes I get led astray by other people which is why I prefer shopping on my own. I got my discernment from my father who uses the German term "Geschmacksfaschist" or taste-fashist to describe his approacht to style. I think my leaning toward alternative culture comes from the fact that I have always felt like an outsider and looked for a way to define that for a long time, interspersed with periods of desperately trying to conform to the status quo. My quest for somewhere where I fit in lead me to fashion blogs, and a lot of my style is informed by finding things online that I like.

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