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29. Did your parents teach you things about clothing, care for your clothing, dressing or style? What lessons do you remember? Or did you just pick things up?

My mother always teach me how to take care of clothes of course i didn't listen to her at first, now i realised how important it is, we all are image, everything in this world is.

can´t remember about that … but I guess I copied something

Yes! My mother told me red is really the only colour for nail polish. White shoes are tacky, pastel colours are for ice-cream salesmen. So funny! But I can't forget them.

My parents never taught me anything about clothing. My Mom has no interest in it whatsoever. From ages about 7-12 all my clothes were hand-me-downs from my older cousins (all of whom were several sizes larger than me, so I had to wear belts in order to keep my jeans from slipping off my body). When I got older I had an aunt who would take me shopping, but developing my own sense of style and knowledge of clothing was a gradual process that I discovered on my own.

No, it was nearly all hand me downs, and the main the was that the clothes were respectable and modest. For a long time Paige and I were twinsies.

Yes. They tried to make me think that it´s bad to draw other people´s attention by wearing flashy clothes, or even slightly different from what they thought was "normal".

My parents definitely tought me a lot of things about clothing. My mother tought me how to take care of them and even make an old item look like a brand new and my father always told me that I wear the outfit , the outfit doesn't wear me.

My mother said I shouldn't wear red or pink because of my "ruddy" complexion. Her mother also said that bright colors and obvious makeup were for prostitutes- this was probably true back in Norway

My mum teached me how to not look cheap or vulgar but independent and strong, wearing totally what I wanted as long as it was decent.

My mom taught me the merits of taking care of clothing - folding, ironing, sewing, etc. I now have much more respect for my clothes than many of my friends do and always take care to hang them up neatly or fold them with care.

I generally picked things up. My parents sent me to boarding schools until I was 15. The girls around me in those schools were all very fashionable. They read various magazines and I would read some too even I didn't get to buy those clothes. My mum did teach me to take care of cashmere sweater and winter coats. My dad told me once about his idea of dressing. He said I should hide my weakness and show off my strength. :D I don't think I agree with him though.

Pick things and matched up! But my mom kept telling me that we don't machine wash jeans.

Oh man, my mom taught me everything. I can't even lie. Neutrals, classic *is* cool, dress for the body you have, a little mascara and lipstick makes you look alive.

My parent's always dressed well.

Mum and dad never really taught me anything. They just told me if I looked good or not and I would actually be really upset if they didn't agree with what I would wear because it didn't "look good"

cleaning, drycleaning, moth balls, transitioning from season to season, but most profoundly aiming to be appropriate as a form of good manners to other people i.e. hosts at a party. showing up looking well pressed and well dressed is a way to convey your appreciation.

My mother had very strong ideas about what I should wear (pretty, slightly old-fashioned English-rose styles which I rejected utterly once I was able to choose my own clothes). She and my grandmother were quite critical of my appearance (especially my weight and hair) so it took me a long time to develop any self-confidence about my appearance. I felt for a long time that certain clothes were not for me because I was not the right shape, because that is what I'd been told. I was brought up to look after my clothes because we didn't have a lot of money to spend on them. I can still remember most of the garments I owned as a child and young teenager. One thing I am grateful for is that she encouraged me to make clothes so I now know how to judge whether garments are well-made and fabrics of good quality.

Yes, what suits my body type most but other than that I picked everything up myself


My parents have had more of a utilitarian view of clothes, and with four children, clothing care meant separating colors from whites (at best). So, no, I didn't learn about clothing care or style from my parents. I learned from friends' parents, from friends, from magazines and watching movies, and taking classes on sewing (once I was an adult).

Yes, I kind of just picked things up but mum always helped me find clothing that suited my body shape.

My mother taught me to be tidy. to iron. to be economical. to wash carefully. to care for clothes. she also taught me that clothing is fraught with complications; they are a means to hide the body. My father taught me to be "you" - he is not a style maven, but he looks good all the time. He really lives in his clothes.

Mom was pretty free about the way we dressed. She was an excellent dress maker and made us lots of our clothes. We would choose styles, patterns and the fabrics together. However, she was never overly concerned about "teaching" me about how to dress or how to care for clothing. We did have to learn to do our own laundry and ironing at a reasonable age.

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