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30. What sorts of things do you do, clothing or make-up or hair-wise, to feel sexy or alluring?

Lots of bare skin, heels, dark eye makeup and red lips. Straightened hair.

Put on makeup for my husband.

I like wearing a winged eyeliner and nude lipstick.

Generally wear make-up and care about my hair.
That said, I know one way to do my make up and about three ways to do my hair.
Maybe nice lingerie (the very little that I own).

Put a lot of mascara, make my skin golden glowing, wear a nice loose dress and bold pair of sandals.
A dark nail polish also helps.

hair down, nightgowns, braless

Just be comfortable. So if I crack a joke in a group I won't feel self-conscious when everyone turns and looks at me.

some eyeliner and mascara. long loose hair

I dress to focus on my silhouette or my legs.
I don't like cleavage. In real life it looks cheap even if you have really nice cleavage.

I always have to have eyeliner and mascara on!

Just wearing make-up makes me feel sexy.

I have never felt sexy or alluring. I don't go out in public without lipstick though.

Put a little bit more make-up on, put nicer underwear on, put on an outfit that makes me feel good, have a drink.

I tend to cover a little more when i want to be alluring. One does not show all the goods, so to speak. My red lipstick goes into the cupboard when i want to be sexy. I feel it camouflages me too much in those moments. I tend to pick clothing that has some sort of noticeable texture that invites touching.

my sexy bra, wearing tights and heels. Wearing a low top and putting on mascara. having my top 'off the shoulder'. having my hair down.

hair could change a lot as well as shoes

I am past that now at almost 50, but it was mostly doing eye make up, wearing velvet and lace and dressing Goth as in more of Victorian style Goth. Wearing corsets, proper boned corsets.

I like black underwear. It seems sexy to me.
Also ripped or worn clothing seems sexier somehow.
I think the notion or stet of deshabille conveys sexiness.

nonot having my hair done. 60'S eyeliner

wear sexy underwear, a nice outfit like a dress or skirt, and makeup that highlights my eyes

black eyeliner and red lipstick gives me a special look

Some times if I want to feel sexy I ll wear a silk wrap dress quite demure looking but with stockings and suspenders underneath. and High heels. I feel sexy in high heels. and with lots of smudgy eyeliner and red lipstick.

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