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32. If dressing were the only thing you did, and you were considered an expert and asked to explain your style philosophy, what would say?

Sometimes you want to go for something really out there, but because of experience, you've learned that in the long run you actually prefer things which are a bit safer.

Pick clothes that appeal to you. Dont dress for the myriad of expectations society put on you.

confuse people.

icone chic

it's an expressive art form, use your creativity, also wear what suits YOU not what fashion dictates, or what you should do, or "what's trending", if you can sew use that talent if you can't accesorise and add individuality.

Read my book.

take time in the.mirror, be practical, analyze your life style and activities, make a difference from the rest, never follow fashion. Follow trends trends, mix and match old and new stuff

Don't take clothes too seriously. Have fun. Its ok if people laugh at you. Work with what you've got. If you have a big bum, go with it. Love your bum. Dress for it. Also dress up! Its always more fun for everyone to be overdressed.

As this would never happen this question isn't relevant to me.

I wouldn't say anything because I don't have a style philosophy.

Your body, whatever size, color, age, whatever, is a statue. Your body is a masterpiece. You don't try to change or conceal a masterpiece, you only adorn it. Your clothing are your ornamemts, your baubles, but you are the Venus de Milo.

I´d say that the most important thing is to find what you really like, and adapt it to the shapes of your body to enhance your beauty.

Dressing should reflect your immediate goals- focusing on things other than fashion, trying to be sexually attractive, being prepared for unexpected events, etc.

I wear a lot of expensive basics in neutral colors. I wear the same jacket and boots almost every day in the winter, and rotate a few pairs of very nice jeans. I have a plethora of sweaters, and then a few statement necklaces. So, I would say that everyone needs to find their own basics, whatever they may be. Spend as much as you need to to find perfectly fitting ones. And then build from there.

Don't be contented with the comfort you feel, exceed more and experiment the other styles!

Don't worry about what's trendy, or normal. Wear what makes you feel like you. Have a uniform.

Looking Rich Even when you're not.feeling rich.or just feeling good about yourself,

Fit your body shape. Don't try to be like others. I know it's hard but if you try to copy other and do this all the time you'll wear yourself out. Wear colours that compliment you.

a daily expression of your taste and worth paying attention to detail.

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