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33. What is really beautiful, for you, in general?

I don't look at myself before going out

The outer eye is a little more critical, I have to tell her to calm down at times, I look fine.

Wish I was more fit..and no just my own judgement.. past injuries and health have restricted me from exercise

I think my outer eye is based on my sister, generally nice and very supportive. It's very much an approach of "treat yourself as you treat others" type of thing.

i base it on my opinion and what they tell me and what they wear as clothing.

No, I usually avoid doing that. I'm very critical of myself and very insecure. If I would analize myself this way, I would end up not leaving the house. I'm also not very interested in how I look from the outside, feeling good is enough.


When I look at myself I always see myself with my own eyes. I think that I am quite fit to my age and though I see all what changes for the worse during the years.


I'm not sure, but I guess they think, "Oh, hi. " And go about their day.

Thankfully I don't think like this.

don't like to be noticed. not very approachable, but not likely to be rude if you do speak to them. not frivolous or ditzy. not clumsy or shy. not judgemental but thoughtful and internalized.

of course this isn't all necessarily true.

I haven't thought about doing this before. When I look at myself I see my reflection through my own eyes. I don't see the point in assuming someone else's opinions or parroting what someone has said to me in the past. I think it would probably feel miserable.

I have no clue. I only know how I see myself. The rest is a mystery . . . which is quite fun, most of the time.

It mostly relates to my weight/body image. I imagine myself walking on the street and think about how I would feel with people looking at me. This probably came from societal standards around the female body and its portrayal in modern media.

I look cold and distant, hard to get to know, awkward

They will compliment me and says look at you you look beautiful than I'll thanks as usual

My outer eye is pretty oblivious to other people's feedback. I'm often critical of my waistline and the way my clothes fit over my waist and shoulders. It doesn't take much effort or hair product to clip my hair up into a very loud, curly statement updo.

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