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33. What is really beautiful, for you, in general?

I'm not quite sure.

I don't go out. Money is limited but I am stylish by wearing second hand, gently worn, really good clothes.

The other is a judgemental son of a b*#@%h.
Pretty much my harshest critic. And definitely a skinny person.

this is too hard to answer

I try to judge my look from the perspective of my close friends, who know if I look comfortable in my skin or if I look like I'm trying too hard.

I feel different from how I look. they are two different entities: your inner self and outer self.

I definitely think about, "Is this glorify to God?" "What would a average guy think?" and "What would a lady 60+ years old think?" If I'm tasteful, not slutty, attractive, but not over-attention seeking with my clothing/makeup, I call it a win.

Often I look in mirror and see a dumpy old woman. But I just don't know how to avoid the dumpiness. Quite often I am judging my outfit through my mother's eyes. As a 62 year old woman I feel embarrassed to admit that. But she does have a well acknowledged sense of style.

I think it's quite hard to look at yourself that objectively.

I dont think I understand this question

a person who cant stand fake eyebrows, they my clothes to look good on me, and to make sure my acne is in check. they applaud skill shown in make-up and they discourage skirts that may show my pants. they want my chest to look hot, and they convince me that I look fabulous, and I shouldn't worry because everyone goes through this process and the clothes don't make the evening.

i have a look and say to me wonderful day

I am very judgmental about how I loo, I focus on symetry and get anxious that my lower body is out of proportion to the top, it's all about balance, same with the head, I have a thick neck and like to work out how to make it look less thick. The other "me" hates lack of symetry and balance.

No, but I am often startled by how bad I look in photographs, and that person seems like someone else, not the person I see in the mirror. And I do know that the mirror is a distortion of reality, a true reflection. So I use two mirrors.

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