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37. What is your process getting dressed in the morning? What are you considering?

It takes a few minute. I consider to wear sport clothes.

Cleanliness first. Speed second. People are too vain in general.

Picking out something that I like and feeling great.

Weather. Not clashing. Do I get to wear the new favorite shirt/pants/shoes today? What works with them.
(I walk/bus)

Weather. And if I'm going to stay indoors or outdoors.

My daily dressing process generally revolves around what the weather and temperature are going to be like and how I'm feeling. If I am upbeat and energetic I tend to dress 'warmer', if I am tired and lethargic I tend to dress 'colder' and more comfortable.

colour, more than anything else at all - depends on not just my mood, but the mood I want to have for the day

what kind of underwear. it depends on what kind of jeans or i will wear

I lay out all of my clothes the night before. I consider weather and whether I want to wear a lipstick. The outfit has to go around that in that case.

I get out of bed and shower. I usually get back into bed for a cuddle with my boyfriend - kind of gross, but part of my ritual. It's at this point that I decide what I'm going to wear that day, too. That often means that I have to do a mad scramble iron in the morning. I get changed and then after breakfast brush my teeth, do my hair and do my makeup. I'd hate the thought of doing hair and makeup and teeth brushing before eating breakfast. In the weekend everything gets slowed down ten-fold, and I usually shower after I've had breakfast.

What top and skirt to wear and what panty and bra will go with my outfit.


And I usually plan my outfit every evening for the next day.

I consider whether or not my excess weight will be noticed, I consider whether the public will look at me offended, and I dress to offend

I am considering what will wear well under my cross body Filson bag that I wear to work everyday. I walk 3 miles to my job every day so I have to wear something that I can both walk in with a heavy bag, and that is work-appropriate.

I wear a lot of pants and knit tops, sometimes sweaters (but I have to wear a coat or the bag will wear on the sweater). Also I must wear presentable (as in hip and clean) sneakers to wear into work.

Once I get to work I swap out the sneakers for my work shoes. I keep several pairs of nice work shoes in my desk drawer. These shoes are like pampered babies--they have never touched the sidewalk or cement, then know only the soft carpets inside my building.

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