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37. What is your process getting dressed in the morning? What are you considering?

I consider where I'm going, who I'll be around, what the weather is like, if there's a chance of my clothes getting dirty, and how I want to feel about myself.

Where I will be going, what will I be doing, who will I be seeing, how many more times will I need to change.

I wash my face, brush my teeth, get dressed and brush my hair.

I brush teeth, take an 8 minute shower, dry off, put on lotion, get dressed in 5 mins or so. I consider whether I have important meetings/events that day or if I am planning on doing anything after work.

Weather, menstrual cycle, laundry, being comfortable and/or trying to impress someone

Dressing up in the morning really makes me tired and Lizzy

I pick out my clothes at night and have options just in case I did not feel good or like my first option.

I consider how I feel and what I'm doing, and pick an outfit that conveys an emotion--like strength, warmth, or success. My tops are an afterthought to my pants, and sometimes my pants are an afterthought to the shoes I plan to wear. I always wear three clothing items, so a jacket is generally the last item I pick.

Normally the weather and where I'm going. Also what is clean.

weather, if I'll be riding a bike, if I have to walk lots, how I feel.

depends on what I am doing

wash face first

First thing is what my plans are for that day, if its work i prefer a long shower before taking time eating breakfast, puuting my make-up on and getting dressed. If i have a day of i put on some clothes and im ready for whatever.

I have classes at 8am five days a week. I dress comfortably, but not trashily. Dressing is in a sleepy rush, though.

Dress (Picked my attired the night before)
Wear shoes

I get dressed in about 1 minute tops most days. I have a super functional closet. I just grab anything I feel particularly like wearing and build from there.

I check the weather to narrow down my options. Then I ask Siri what’s on my calendar and plan accordingly fashion-wise. Finally I decide that what I picked out was awful and go with something that I’ve never tried before but I’m feeling it.

Is this clean? Does it smell okay? Does it cover my tummy? Is it soft and cozy? Great, I'm good.

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