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37. What is your process getting dressed in the morning? What are you considering?

I consider nothing
For work I take the rightmost shirt (cleaned, ironed ones get hung on the left) a pair of trousers, any two socks from the drawer (I always buy the same colour and make of socks, so any two make a pair)
If I have to go out at weekends exactly the same but take the top t-shirt from the pile (cleaned, folded ones go at the bottom)

What is clean, comfortable and practical.
God I sound like a middle aged mum.

It's more chaos than process because I'm not fully moved in. I consider what I need to do that day the most and how I want to feel when I do what I do.


If it's a day full of running errands, jeans or yoga pants, a t-shirt with vans or boots, and my usual 5 rings.
If it's a day with some plans, a simple dress, statement earrings, some make-up, bold shoes, and usual 5 rings.

i clean myself and if i am going out i wear proper things for weather and things i need.

Weather! My mood and preferences according to that. I consider the events during the day.

where I go, my work doesn't allow wears which are not comfy

weather, occasion, my mood.

Usually I have one thing I want to wear that day and I build an outfit around it

How the outfit fits my body. Do I look heavier, slimmer, boxy, structured, overwhelmed? What accessories look nice, what shoes compliment the look? What kind of make-up is appropriate?

Who I’m going to see

I pick something I feel pretty in. And it's usually the same few items, so I do a lot of laundry

how cold it's going to be. what i wore recently. how clean my hair is, what my skin looks like. i don't put much thought in, except when i do.

I consider where I'm going, who I'll be around, what the weather is like, if there's a chance of my clothes getting dirty, and how I want to feel about myself.

Where I will be going, what will I be doing, who will I be seeing, how many more times will I need to change.

I wash my face, brush my teeth, get dressed and brush my hair.

I brush teeth, take an 8 minute shower, dry off, put on lotion, get dressed in 5 mins or so. I consider whether I have important meetings/events that day or if I am planning on doing anything after work.

Weather, menstrual cycle, laundry, being comfortable and/or trying to impress someone

Dressing up in the morning really makes me tired and Lizzy

I pick out my clothes at night and have options just in case I did not feel good or like my first option.

I consider how I feel and what I'm doing, and pick an outfit that conveys an emotion--like strength, warmth, or success. My tops are an afterthought to my pants, and sometimes my pants are an afterthought to the shoes I plan to wear. I always wear three clothing items, so a jacket is generally the last item I pick.

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