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4. Was there a moment in your life when something “clicked” for you about fashion or dressing or make-up or hair? what? why did it happen then, do you think?

Dressing for my shape and not anyone else's. It happened because I would look at outfits and try to replicate them, but I was thinking about someone else's body, not mine.

When my aunt took me at age 15 to get my first set of pink & white acrylics lol. I didn't get a French pedicure until my 16th birthday but I learned early from my aunts and Mom the importance of looking tidy and dainty.

Love the suit with but still business like..also deep v neck tops is sexier on women who do not have large chest..paired with Y necklace..I never had so much attention before

I recently had a haircut by someone specializing in curly hair. She gave me some pointers about how to embrace my wavy hair texture. As I learned more about textured haircare, I realized the default in haircare is for straight (white people) hair. I hate that racially biased beauty norms pushed me into a mold for 30 years, without me even realizing it. I love my wavy texture! It's insane to me that I would get haircuts that piled on products that had straightening effects, a blowout, and then recurled my hair. It does that on it's own if treated correctly!

I was nine years old. I was reading a fashion magazine and I saw a Dior advertising with a kid my age wearing a pink dress . I understood that I liked fashion.

When I finally learned clothes are meant to fit the person and not for the person to try to fit into the clothes. It's not the end of the world if I have to go up or down a size, my butt just isn't meant to fit into narrow sized clothing, nbd.

Gor me it was following trinny woodall on Instagram. She has inspired me to wear clothes that may be bright and out there if they give me joy. I should look at something a d if it gives me joy - buy it and wear it with pride!

the person made their own clothing exactly the way they wanted to so it was more comfortable and artistic colors , it had pockets to hold their stuff , went well with weather patterns that happen , they made it more out of cotton , and picked the sizes that fit them , they were able to put their name on the inside of the clothes so they don't lose the clothing.

I like wearing oversized mans shirts, I felt liberated not having to show my figure even if I'm thin and ok. I like this style, I could experiment without being tied to gender specific clothing, and comfort is very important to me, but still looks better than a t-shirt. I think it clicked because it encoureged me not having to be pretty in the traditional girlie way.


It was just yesterday, I decided to stop diying my hair and let it grow down and have my own grey, rather white hair.

Once I was getting my make up done professionally as a gift from some friends before going out, and it was the only time I've had a make up artist do my make up as an adult, and she told me her idea of neutral eyes and lash extensions and neutral lips, and I said 'sure'. But when she was done I just said "Let's do a red lip" and she did it and said, "That's much better, you know what works for you." I picked my wedding dress out of my final options based on which would look better with red lips and nails (something very simple).

I was a flashier dresser as a younger person as I was in college during the Charlie’s Angels era. I worked in a ladies clothes store and bought nice things!

it's clicking now, because i am trying. i didn't try - i wanted to be invisible for a long time.

When I created an outfit based on a theme, like color moods, and accessories. Sometimes I would wear clashing colors and accessories without realizing it. I need one look, a theme for the day.

When I realized I always word the following colours and textures
Tan / neutral
Leather accessories ( leather bags , bracelet, belt

when i realized that my pants were too dark to go with the navy button downs i kept buying. i looked monochromatic -- and not in a good way. Also, that people who look polished look that way because of the effort they put in.

when i realized i didn't want to or need to wear makeup because it looked strange on me. when i learned to only buy clothes that i know i looked good in, and the list of things to look out for at stores narrowed drastically. and to not buy specific things i knew i'd hate.

That more isn't necessarily better, and it was OK to wear only what I felt good in! I realised that if i had an item, and invariably chose the 'other' item, there was a reason for that, so why not get rid of the one I keep avoiding!

A growing awareness of the ethical implications of consumerism and also the toxicity of a lot of our personal care products and cosmetics. I probably first learned of this five or so years ago at age seventeen. I switched the brands of cosmetics I use to vegan, cruelty free cosmetics made only from plant extracts. I also started buying clothes second hand almost exclusively. The realization that there is no ethical consumption is something I am still trying to grapple with so that I can tame my thirst for adornment- but I'm not sure that I ever fully will.

When I was isolated from the opinions of others and could hear my own style voice speaking.

From a young age i was a rather girly girl. I always wanted long hair. I don't really wear make up.

I went on Accutane my senior year of highschool which was huge for my confidence. It gave me clear skin and, that summer before college, I stopped wearing makeup entirely. It went from a daily necessity of wearing cover-up and foundation to nothing. This is around the time I also really upped my water intake. Now I drink around 100 ounces a day and feel awful without it.

Around 2 years ago, I got more into skincare through involvement in the subreddit /r/skincareaddiction.

This opened up a whole new world of experimenting with other people's holy grail products to find a regime that worked for me. I now wear sunscreen every day and feel really healthy about my skin.

Beginning of high school, I started accepting how I looked and stopped wanting to wear makeup that hid my imperfections

It was my hair because I didn't style it properly so when the air was coming than my hair was completely in a messy way

In middle school I started to add my own styles into my everyday school outfits. (different colored shoe laces, bright shirts, long hair, etc.)

Yes, when I first got into makeup I realized it was my passion and it has formed me to be who I am today

My sister was always good with fashion and the way she styled her clothes was more girly and I liked how certain things were styled. I kind of used that with my own style because I am not as girly. I was in middle school when I started to explore with my clothing.

I started dying my hair cobalt blue about 4 years ago. It transformed my skin into porcelain and made my eyes pop.
I may have been born with strawberry blonde hair but dark blue is the most flattering color on me. I may dabble with Indigo or Peacock blue dyes, but I'll never be unfaithful to blue hair.

I can't remember the exact moment, but when I started to think about clothes more in terms of how they felt (emotionally and literally) than how they looked.

I do not know if I can answer this Question. I don't know what "clicked" means in this context. I think it was, when I was 16 years old, and I saw the other Girls in my class who could knit beautiful things, like sweaters, scarfs, caps etc. I wanted to make garments that express me too. At that time I wore Things that were being bought by my parents. I did not dare to express wishes concerning my clothes. But by knitting I could make something, that I liked and how I liked.

when I wear something I made myself and people ask me where I got it from, I tell them I made it - the look that follows. that's when I realised that wearing ME is most me and the admiration I get is the fondest I hold dearly because it's the closest to my inner self I will be able to wear.

Its more than just one moment. Sometimes I get this urge of inspiration and 'faith' in something I see to be 'too good to be true' kind of fashion but it would actually exist.

When I reached my early twenties I realised that I should stop bemoaning my naturally thin hair, and actually try to work with it. I found styles that made it easier to volumise and play around with and started to appreciate the positives - doesn't take long to wash or brush it! I think it happened then because I was going through a period of semi-acceptance of the way I looked.

wanted a simple uniform for every day and then occasional breakout change up

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