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4. Was there a moment in your life when something “clicked” for you about fashion or dressing or make-up or hair? what? why did it happen then, do you think?

A few years ago, I was coming out of a difficult personal time where my sense of style had been deflated and I didn't feel good about myself and how I was dressing reflected it. Something finally clicked though, and I thought, I want to feel better about myself, and taking the time and care to dress in a way that feels good will help my overall sense of wellness and confidence. So I started being serious about slowly investing time, energy, and money back into style.

Just before my fifteenth birthday, I decided that I was done trying to dress like the prettiest girl in the school. I knew I wasn’t going to reach that. So I bought a big ole checkered vintage jumpsuit and a gigantic denim trucker jacket that smelled of weed off of Ebay. Since then, I’ve probably tried every type of clothing out there.

when my husband decide to cheated on me

I felt the urge to be different, to be the black sheep.

Ugh no I mean I’m 27 years old and it’s clicking now— meaning I intentionally look at what people are waring as a way of advice. I’m a dancer and the delight in dressing up and looking polished is there but I am also queer and prefer a more futch lifestyle but also come from a femme upbringing. That’s still there when I shop I find myself attracted to femme-y things but then I’m like oh wait I won’t actually wear that though in real life.

When Kylie Jenner first launched her liquid lipsticks, I suddenly got very interested in makeup. I had never really heard of celebrities having makeup lines, and when I tried it, I went for the bold dark purples and blacks that my friends would never wear. It was a way for me to stand out and express myself in a new, unique way.

Near the end of my senior year of high school, when I was eighteen, I asked my friend if she thought I dressed frumpy and she said, "Yes." It was good time to reinvent myself anyway, so I asked my mom to take me to the mall, and I mixed up my wardrobe a bit. I can't say it was anything too exciting, it was just better than hoodies and khaki pants that were too big and graphic tees.

An interesting 'click' was when I had a conversation about my favourite clothes with someone who actually designs clothes. I got all excited and at some point I went inside to get the scrapbook I once made with fashion photos torn out of fashion magazines. In my view, my scrapbook existed of random scraped-together outfits with no Leitmotiv. There was fur, cotton and lace. There were reds, blues, blacks, whites, browns and even primary yellows. I did notice that were three groups of colour combinations - ethnic (black, red and white), contrast (black and white) and Indiana Jones (browns and kakis and whites) - but I had no idea what the overarching concept was of my favourite clothes.

My friend had one look at my scrapbook and said: Oh, you like A-line.

I looked at my scrapbook too and I realised she was right. It was such an epiphany. I thought: I like A-line! How could I ever not have seen this? A-line! I like A-line!

Yes, I was reading about minimalism and of course a big part of that was clearing out our closets. I realised that I had clothes that I didn't necessarily love and wear. I had them because they were something I would ideally wear. I realised that it is possible for me to buy only the clothes that make me feel really good

I'm not sure if it was a "click," but when I saw Julia Cummings from my favorite band Sunflower Bean cut her hair to a pixie it made me realize that there was nothing stopping me from cutting my hair, too, if I wanted.

But a definite click was when I started looking up to a family friend of ours who is a stylist in LA. I was in high school, she was in her early twenties, and she inspired me to be as unique and expressive as I want in my clothing.

not really

Yes. When I moved in USA. I had the experience of shopping at the famous mall and then I start have the collection of a lot of fashionable clothes.

I began wearing makeup when I was 14, so just over a year ago. And a few months ago, when I started using makeup properly, I began to recognise my preferences- such as my favourite lipstick is red, and I usually do my brows more than my eyeshadow. My personal fashion sense has changed a lot as well. I usually go for a patterned or colourful look.

After a strict upbringing & going to high school with a dress code, my MOMENT in fashion was August, 1969 at Woodstock. I fell in love with the Hippie, Shabby Chic look & now, at age 65, I STILL dress that way. I finally felt free...a rebirth, so to speak. Another moment was a bra burning protest I attended at the first college I attended. I don't need a bra and haven't worn on since 1972! I can't stand to see women in tank/sleeveless tops with their bra straps showing! Take the damn thing off & toss it!

I was diagnosed with cancer last year. Since I am unable to work I decided to get up and look nice and wear nice outfits and jewelry.

I think it was when I was looking through different makeup accounts on instagram and I realised that i want to become a really good makeup artist. I think this happened because I love doing my makeup anyway, but to become better at it would be great.

My hair ...
it is somewhat different from what other girls usually do.
they are short and shaved from one side with cuts.

i've been letting my hair grow out for the first time in year and changed how i was caring for it and i realized it looked awesome and i looked awesome with it a little longer. it suits me more.

Since joining art school in 2015 I've come across a whole spectrum of different styles and ways of presenting myself. Most people within the art community really couldn't give a damn what other people think about them or how they look which I think had a really positive affect on my own style... that sudden realisation that no matter what I wore - so long as I wore it with confidence - would look 10/10 really impacted the way I presented myself in public.

When I wore a costume in a play and no one recognized it was me. That character got a lot of positive notice I never did

i don't remember a specific moment, but when i was about 13 i just gave up with caring about what other people thought and dressed how i wanted. i think it mostly happened at this time because it was when my parents started to oppose a lot of the things i was wearing (e.g short skirts etc) and i just didn't understand why they had so many rules, so i gave up crying and wore what i wanted and used fashion to represent myself.

Yes, at some point in middle school. I think it was then I realized I felt so awkward because I wasn't dressing "correctly." At this point in time, I was old enough to learn by myself what "went" and what didn't, which I think I couldn't do before then.

Yes, when my roommate complained about her relatives judging her as a shame because of a mere fashionable look. I wasn't aware of how one's appearance can affect others' impressions until then.

No, or I can't remember.

I haven't really had that moment, I'm still trying to figure it all out but I think I'm getting there.

I guess the fact that not every piece of clothing works for every person. Style is subjective and each person has their own unique sense of style. I'm not sure, maybe because I had been feeling insecure about my own style for a while.

I think at 12. Learning how to apply Kajal, Indian kohl and also what I am named for. This simple black line to accentuate my eyes, it is so Indian - regardless of class and education. No matter where in the world I go, my Kajal pencil is this one simple thing that feels like a declaration of where I grew up. Well, and rose water.

Jewelry - a big part of my heritage and earrings seem to make or break an outfit for me. I discovered at uni in England, that my silver traditional jhumkas with a simple white T shirt - those earrings that swing with movement and make a tiny tinkling sound - it is home with me in my ears, ha! But seriously - accessories. I often pick my earrings first and then match my outfit to them for special occasions.

I havent had that moment yet

In Opera I dress in jeans, t-shirt and sport-shoes so everybody can see I am working. don't remember when it started. important: not too sexy because of authority reasons

I dressed as a pin-up girl for Halloween my sophomore year of college. The color schemes worked for my hair and skin and the way the lines cut across the body celebrated my curves way more than any boho look I could have tried. I liked getting bangs, too. I remember feeling intimidated to wear a leather jacket with red lipstick but one day I just did and was so into it. The way people dressed at my college when I attended was really cool. I think I learned to be more myself by seeing others be more themselves. It was a great beauty standard to see after seeing so much of a preppy style in my hometown.

I think in middle school I decided I was going to wear as many colors and prints as I wanted. My mom and my sister made fun of me, but my friends always supported and complimented me. I loved and still love creating looks with a lot of drama and life to them. I want people to notice me, and that's what I wanted at age 12 too. I wanted to stand out and matter to people.

Esther a slow development of leaving my mothers Ideals. Beaty was Kind of suppresed before.

i was younger

In recent times the whole high heel thing is something that has really clicked for me. A lot of high heels I find to be incredibly unattractive, and I suppose what has clicked for me is that plenty of other shoes look just as good and professional and glamorous and stylish as high heels (if not more so). I don't need to wear high heels just because I am a professional and just because the majority of the women that I work with do. I think I've come to realise that the kind of shoes you wear don't determine how good a lawyer you actually are. And I've also realised that high heels are lot more susceptible to being damaged by endless pounding around the office than brogues are!

Minimalism= life altering.

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