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4. Was there a moment in your life when something “clicked” for you about fashion or dressing or make-up or hair? what? why did it happen then, do you think?

The first time I wore bright red lipstick to school was a changing point for me. I don't remember what gave me the idea to try it out, but I'm so glad I did.

as a teenager, when i realised that the internet has influenced me so badly that i forgot who i am and got lost between tons of different styles i thought i "liked".
i found out that none of those grunge, goth, punk, lolita, ladylike or even hippie looks were the real me.

also the moment when i contemplated fashion industry for a while and suddenly, without even seeing some heartbreaking documentary, i realised how gross (both ethically and ecologically) it is. i haven't bought any fast fashion item since then.

I feel long hair gives nice look so when I see women with long hair I admire her

OMG! The Fab Four! I'm so dating myself but them and Mary Quant! Just the whole Carnaby Street thing started me. I loved the hair, clothes, makeup everything. I had a cover photo of Twiggy in my room and I would emulate her makeup.

Part of it started when I quit sports—no more volleyball Nike shorts or pullover hoodies. I still wore those things, but I knew I needed a personal style outside of that. I started experimenting during my junior and senior year of high school, but I don’t think I felt like my style was “fully formed” until college. I got bangs and fell in love with high-waisted shorts. I started realizing the beauty of button-up shirts, and started wearing the clothes I used to call “formal” on an everyday basis. People like to say that college is a “fresh start,” and I was sort of doing that, but it wasn’t like I was moving on from a bad past or a lesser version of myself. I was just becoming more of myself, and my fashion and style started to become a of that. I didn’t appreciate fashion until I started using it a form of self expression. It happened really naturally, but I was aware of it happening to myself and was loving it. I’m still loving it—it’s still changing! I don’t think my style will ever stop changing and growing as long as I’m exposing myself to new looks and good stuff.

Nothing has every clicked about fashion for me, unfortunately. I always wanted it to but I'm very unconfident about style. I think I have a better sense of style with makeup. I always loved makeup but didn't learn the correct way of applying it until I took a class on being a makeup artist when I was in my early 50's

I'm not sure I've reached that moment yet. For a long while there I suffered from the fact that my multiple lifestyle choices didn't fit me neatly in a box for a particular fashion sense. I'm into the outdoors, sustainable fashion, wearing crazy heels, out of the ordinary dresses, not much colour (is there anything other than black available, because I don't see it)... these lifestyles don't really overlap by much, so I felt really challenged about having a cohesive look and a wardrobe that supported all my activities and desires. As for a positive 'click'.... hmmmm more that being a designer allowed me to wear the black uniform almost exclusively... until I started wearing a bit of colour and then people noticed I wore black a lot.

The first hairdresser who said I should grow my very curly hair as it was beautiful. I was about 30. My mother had always said it suited me best short (and frumpy). It took all the curl out. I looked like one of her dreadful sisters. My sister had pretty, wavy fine hair, like my mother's. I had my father's coarse Jewish hair.

I grew my hair and it looks fabulous (and keeps on getting better as I find different products). I spend a fortune on it - cut and colour at a top London salon, same hairdresser for 24 years. People comment on my hair positively. It's my signature.

Over time, this change in physical look has also had an impact on how I dress, moving away from classic to more minimalist and sometimes boho styles.

At youtube search fashion, at chrom search scream queens steal her style, watch Lifetime project runaway

When I saw other women looking great all the time... Made me wanna look like that too

yes, when my mom was gone. She thought me to be what I wanted to be and to present myself the way that would make me HAPPY, not the way people wanted me to look like.

Yes, growing up a little and hitting my mid-20s made me realise how insignificant younger insecurities about wearing the most fashionable clothing, having perfect hair or wearing make-up all the time are. It simply just doesn't matter. Everyone should do whatever works for them, and whatever they are most comfortable and happy in.

I don't know when it was, but at some point probably toward the end of high school, I realized how much I love my naturally straight, auburn hair, and how good I look in fall colors, so I try to own that aesthetic. I think it was just a part of my (continuing) growing-up process, the realization of my own beauty and the consequent embrace of simplicity.

I cut bangs about 5 years ago and they've stuck ever since. I often wonder if I'm gonna go grey with bangs. It's a weird thought. Make-up; I just do the same winged eye-liner trick I've been doing for years and it seems to work. I feel like I look weird without it. Clothes... My style changes depending on my weight.

In grad school, I decided to embrace my curly hair and to stop straightening it. It was a time when I was constantly challenged and having to prove my work ethic and creativity, and I wanted to have one less "battle" in my life and be more true to myself.

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days without uniforms I layered as many outrageous pieces as possible.

pants were never long enough so I wore dresses & skirts

but too-short pants could be tucked into frye boots

but then really I don't care if my pants are too short

don't waste time on items that don’t fit right

you can be smarter than trends without boycotting them

I like tee shirts better than blouses

who cares if I wear something over and over all week (of course I do not mean quickly-soiled items like underwear).

WHO CARES!?! was probably my biggest click

My life changed once I discovered that hair straighteners existed, and my uncooperative hair could be tamed. Subsequently, my life changed once I moved to Mozambique for work, and realized that I could be confident with my curly hair, too. In the same vein, living in another country in which mainstream advertising wasn't constantly telling me that I wasn't good enough worked wonders on my body image. I love myself now more than I ever have.

I've always been interested in fashion. but once I started earning money (babysitting) at fifteen and started following fashion blogs (the clothes horse, not dressed as lamb, un-fancy, among other favorites,) I started seeing fashion in a new light. I think things first clicked when I came back from a visit to the bay area in september of 2014 (about six months before I started babysitting) and I decided to never wear something in my closet again simply for the fact that I hadn't worn it in a while and wanted to look like I had a large wardrobe. I decided that I would only wear clothing I liked and felt attractive and confident in, and that's what I mark as the first turning point.

In the 60's I was a middle age school girl when white go go boots were all the rage. It seemed every girl in my class had a pair. Finally talked my mom into getting me a pair. Our small town local store had sold out but ordered me a pair. It took forever for them to come and when they finally did - the white go go boot fad had faded away. I was wearing out of style boots that killed my feet. That was the last time I cared if I had the latest clothing fad!

I don't think that's ever happened. I think it's much more of a constant learning experience.

It took me ages to realize my hair doesn't have to be the same every day. I can change it to suit my mood just like my clothing choices. Same with lipstick. I CAN wear red! I think the change came when I got a little older and understood I am not a "sheeple" and I get to dress the way *I* want, not what others expect of me.

I moved from British Columbia to the Deep South and participated in a local beauty paegant at age 15--Miss Panacea, I kid you not--it was the first time I got a really fancy dress. I found a soft apricot sheath that has ruined me for any other long gown.

Yes, when I realised that I was better to work with what I was given rather than to fight it. e.g.. not dye my hair a different colour but rather work with it.

Fashion - When I discovered who Kate Moss was
Make-up - When I figured out how to pencil in my eyebrows perfectly
Hair - When I stopped messing around with bleach and started brushing it

The first year of sixth form. It was the first year that we were allowed to wear what ever we wanted. On the very first day, I told myself 'Ondine, what ever you feel like wearing today, you freaking wear it! it doesn't matter if they are boy clothes, or you are gonna be mistaken for a rich person, or a weirdo, you wear those clothes!' Ever since, I have worn only what I want to wear.

i will want to see if i change my hair color

In the 1980s and Goth, I loved being able to wear vintage and Victorian styles with the Goth make up and hair

As an undergrad, I finally learned how to deal with my massive curly hair (diffusers are your friend!), and to avoid the bedraggled mop/frizzy triangle perils. I suspect it happened then because it was the first time in my life I wasn't around people I'd known since I was a child, so there was a greater incentive to make a greater effort (and no risk in being called out for the dramatic change).

Suddenly my breasts "filled in," no more bra-lessness for me. Around the same time, I got a job where looking professional, or "well-groomed" became important. I started buying little Chanel-style fitted jackets.

i looked at a high school peer. She had the most amazing shoes and hair, i said, i will be inspired forever, and i did.

The time when I started listening to progressive rock bands from the 60's and 70's, wich lead vocalist was mainly a woman, i liked the way they dressed, femenine or elegant but with a manly touch.

I guess it happened because they reflected the kind of personality i wanted to show

As a teen I realized that I prefer unusual clothes, sometimes self made that no body else has

the discovery of the comfort of push up bras

Yes, my mother who was, and still is a wearer of fancy headwear said, you need to wear clothes like you don't notice. You can't walk around like you know you have a giant turban on. you have to put it on and forget it.

When i was 14 i intended to wear jeans to a very elegant wedding party and i remember asking mom "why do i have to wear a dress if i feel attractive in jeans?"
This wasn't about being rebellious. I just really wondered why everyone had to be dressed in the same style.

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