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40. If you had to wear a “uniform” what would it look like?


A white (long pants, maybe lace details) jumpsuit with a pale blush pink bomber jacket and some shoes in the same color. My favorite pair of earings. A burgundy purse or satchel.

Violet Hughes

Priyakshi Saikia

Oh, hands down, Audrey Hepburn's black turtleneck, black pants and black flats in "Funny Girl."


A t-shirt, jeans and Docs.

Scarlett Thompson

something sporty, streetwear. solid color shirt /sweatshirt on top and maybe some nike joggers. cool sneakers. I wear a lot of black.

Meredith Stapon

Turtleneck, skirt, my old low Doc Martens


To look just casual

Lea ndele

Eel Scott.

Michelle Curley

Ginny Ruwilt

Timberland boots with a 4-inch heel.
Light wash or camo-print skinny jeans.
Black turtleneck.
Dark plum-colored moto jacket.
Rings on almost every finger.

Jasmine Henry

Black jeans, oversized knitted jumper, cross body bag, heeled ankle boots



probably this dress but in a reversible so I have two colours in one. or an overall, maybe a boiler suit.

neija tappia


Dark denim jeans, knee-high black boots, a white blouse and a wool coat. These are the four things I feel the most myself in, although I only really get to wear them together for one/two seasons a year.


mod o doc tee, long skirt or straight pants, puma mostro shoes, scarf, gold horse pendant, gold earrings, Tom Ford huge round glasses

bonnie smith


iris elenes

Leah Czaley

I do when im at work, we have 3 options, pants, long skirt and short skirt, all With blouse and jacket.



Rosa Allison


Black attire with adjustable elements for variety sake.

Morolake Mo

Serena Martin

It would be a pair of pants with wide legs and big pockets, plus a tank top. Shoes are optional. Think Caribbean beach vacation outfit.

Emmy Jarvis

ozzy birben

Ozlem Alkan K


T. A.

I'm hoping no camouflage.

Pied Avocet



Abby Swain


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