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41. What would you say is “you” and what would you say is “not you”?

I am vintage, I am black, I am comfort.
I am not dress up, I do not dress to impress other people.

Anything is ‘me’ except for low rise skinny jeans and neon colored plastics. Also no clothing that doesn’t have a good texture.

I am very sensitive to what I look like and less think about how I should do that.

ME: free style, unique, funky, eclectic, cool, stuck in the 60's
NOT ME: suits, gowns, expensive jewelry, heels, fussy

Me - I am western
Not Me - Trying to lot like a teenager at my age.

'Not you' is girly.
Everything else is 'you'

See previous question. Subtle colours, well-fitting clothes, natural materials, not fasnionable.

Not me: fashion, bright colours, shopping

I am not loud clothes, colourful kaftans or bling.

I am neutral, with happy accessories and a fantastic bag collection

classical is me, modern is me
fuddy duddy is not me

me: skinny jeans
not me: girly princess-stuff

Me: bright lips, winged eye liner, dark florals, gingham prints, RED, bandannas, bangs, Not Giving a Fuck, feminism, empowerment, puns, laughs, CHERRY PRINTS, old concert tees, short nails with a bold color, MIKA albums, GLAMOUR, Rosie the Riveter, strong women, color, POLKA DOTS, emphasized waist lines, stripes, light nautical, enamel pins, drag queens, boulder hats, pea-coats, faux fur, velvet, female friendship, apples, black, careful lettering, carefully chosen phone case, nice pens, moleskins, the occasional graphic tee
Not Me: pearls, highlights, beige, sex, long nails, blazers, I HATE BOAT SHOES, novelty shoe laces, ambient sounds, grimaces, I HATE LONGCHAMP BAGS, whatever newscasters wear, mini skirts, sports, boho, earth tones, the 70's, fringe, designer bags, shapeless dresses, shapeless greys, I HATE SHIRT DRESSES, Daniel Tosh, eye shadow, subtlety, prissiness

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