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41. What would you say is “you” and what would you say is “not you”?

Me: Comfort, books, travel, good food, substance, function, performance
Not me: Fashion, TV, sports, fast or microwave food, style, form, appearance

Not me - fluorescent, super revealing, to out there

Me - comfortable, cute, interesting.

If it feels comfortable and looks good to me, it's "me," if not, it's "not me."

Fashion wise? I am a little bit Rock n Roll....not preppy

I'm not quite sure anymore. I used to wear nothing but dark colors and as of recently, I've been adding brighter colors to the mix. Oh wait, scratch that, anything white is not me.

i wouldn't wear ungodly things.

Me: organic material, elegant cuts.
Not me: puffy polyester jackets, ankle lenght jeans, chunky sneakers, dyed blond hair.

elagant, sporty, casuall is me
eccentric, vulgar, kitschy is not me

me: cohesion
not me: excess

Color, shine, sparkle, details. Not me is full, monotone, boring.

Prints and bold colours are not me
Cau neutrals are my thing

monochromatic is me, usually, or simple pairings. Complicated prints are not me.

me: androgyny, minimalism, practicality, black and grey

not me: patterns, maximalism, most trends, most dresses, lots of color

Things I like: pastel colors, deep reds, earth tones, silky textures, lace, velvet, natural textiles, monochromatic outfits, bomber jackets with ornate designs, rococo and baroque influenced styles, classic vintage styles, peter pan collars, mock neck collars, high waisted pants and skirts, delicate floral patterns, rabbit and swan motifs, whimsical bordering kitsch details, daydreaming, etc.

Things that are not my tastes: menswear, bright colors, athleisure, super tight clothes like bodycon dresses, flannel shirts, jeans, rigidity and style rules, close mindedness, etc.

I appreciate authenticity, meaning not wearing anything that is too tight, too short or too revealing.

me = weird prints, well made, unusual curios, one of a kind.
not me = little black dress, push up bras, pumps, any heels in general.

Me --> dark colours, simple shapes
Not me --> trainers

I will say it me when I wear what I like the most and not me when someone force to wear what I don't like

"Me" is long, clean silhouettes. Aggressive shoes with a chunky heel. A lot of black. Oversized sweatshirts and short-short-short shorts.

"Not Me" is preppy, nautical, overly feminine, bohemian, modest, or understated.

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