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43. Do you remember a time in your life when you dressed quite differently from how you do now? Can you describe it and what it was all about for you?

For work I dressed more upbeat and tried to always look nice.

Office job. My boss got to tell me if what I was wearing was wrong. Or to send me to buy a bra on my lunch break. Or to shove a pair of nylons in my in-box.
Now I get to make those choices.

I tried to follow fashion back then. It made me very unhappy, because I felt constantly "so-last-season". So after a few years I came into my senses snd stopped completely.

oh yes - I have been to parties where I dressed to thrill and yes, it was a thrill, but different for the guys than it was for me - i sort of felt free

in puberty my wardrobe was quite colorful. i wore glasses so i didn't use make-up. I think I tried almost every style once.
In the beginning of my university-time i dressed more elegant than today, probably because all the shops suddenly were in my neighborhood.

I went through a very dark time (literally) where I thought I looked best in earth tones. I wore a lot of peace signs and brown statement rings. I had long hair and I would put some of it in purely ornamental braids. I was still figuring it out. My psyche has seen worse.

I dressed very differently in my early years of high school - back then I wore a lot of "sportswear". It was "cool" to wear sports tracksuit pants and sports shorts. And not just for sport. I wouldn't dream of wearing that sort of stuff in public now unless I was actually exercising or doing messy jobs!

When I was younger, I wore a lot more color. Not so much anymore. It happened gradually and I didn't even realize it.

Every girl/boy has her/his phases.

I dresses in Capri and thirty or shorts and thirty or tank tops and tennis shoes because I was very into sports

See #14 and #22.

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