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43. Do you remember a time in your life when you dressed quite differently from how you do now? Can you describe it and what it was all about for you?

Office job. My boss got to tell me if what I was wearing was wrong. Or to send me to buy a bra on my lunch break. Or to shove a pair of nylons in my in-box.
Now I get to make those choices.

I tried to follow fashion back then. It made me very unhappy, because I felt constantly "so-last-season". So after a few years I came into my senses snd stopped completely.

oh yes - I have been to parties where I dressed to thrill and yes, it was a thrill, but different for the guys than it was for me - i sort of felt free

in puberty my wardrobe was quite colorful. i wore glasses so i didn't use make-up. I think I tried almost every style once.
In the beginning of my university-time i dressed more elegant than today, probably because all the shops suddenly were in my neighborhood.

I went through a very dark time (literally) where I thought I looked best in earth tones. I wore a lot of peace signs and brown statement rings. I had long hair and I would put some of it in purely ornamental braids. I was still figuring it out. My psyche has seen worse.

I dressed very differently in my early years of high school - back then I wore a lot of "sportswear". It was "cool" to wear sports tracksuit pants and sports shorts. And not just for sport. I wouldn't dream of wearing that sort of stuff in public now unless I was actually exercising or doing messy jobs!

When I was younger, I wore a lot more color. Not so much anymore. It happened gradually and I didn't even realize it.

Every girl/boy has her/his phases.

I dresses in Capri and thirty or shorts and thirty or tank tops and tennis shoes because I was very into sports

See #14 and #22.

That was when my mum was buying me clothes. Her word was law and i didn't get a say.

I was punk-artistic as a teenager.I loved the way that it expresses wild, raw confidence and it spelled out: I don't want to be nicey, girly, pretty.

Not really; however, I do go through phases of looks depending on my mood or my experiences. There was a time when I only wanted to wear nautical attire, or the time when I only wanted to dress in the colors that Beetlejuice wore (black, white, purple, lime green). Or the winter I only wore only leggings and flannel shirts (in myriad colors). Or this summer when I was into crop tops, rompers, and bloomers as shorts. To this day, these looks are always in rotation.

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