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43. Do you remember a time in your life when you dressed quite differently from how you do now? Can you describe it and what it was all about for you?

Oh, Lord. Middle School. I was quite confused, had no guidance and only saw other people rather than myself.

When I was little.


I remember my culture clothes it actually cute but sometimes I don't really like to wear them

I briefly dabbled with bleach blonde hair and spray tans in my early 20s, which I paired with short skirts and black tops. My style was different, but my clothes were the same.
I wanted to prove to myself that I could pull off mainstream sex appeal. I felt out-of-place, and my fake tanner broke my skin out horribly. Within a few months, I was back to my natural pale skin and darker hair.

I know this will be true of most people, but childhood, before I hit puberty and started to be made aware of my size, shape, skin etc. I really enjoyed clothes as a kid, they were like costumes and I didn't care what people thought about them. I remember I had two Swatch watches and I loved them both, so I wore one on each wrist, and when my dad commented on it I just thought 'what's it to you? It's no skin off your nose.' I also liked coordinated things, I think because I read the babysitters club books and they always described outfits in detail. I used to wear these black stirrup trousers with purple socks, black flat Mary Janes, and this multicoloured (but primarily purple) oversized marl knit sweater, and my silver hoop earrings with purple beads on them and I felt great. And a denim skirt with a denim scrunchy, a cream coloured crochet cardigan, and my cream heeled sneakers. I liked the contrast of the punky heeled sneakers and the little house on the prairie like cardigan. When I started to feel more aware of other people thinking less of me because of how I looked, or the fact that there were 'right' and 'wrong' ways of dressing I really retreated from that world.

my teens but I loved those clothes at the time so I suppose it's really not different. just me.

30 years of fashion shoe designworking in ten different countries put me through many changes.
then I left shoes, joined Land Rover and wore safaria gear.


Up to the time i turned 33 clothes ment nothing, now how i dress and look is the 2nd most important thing in my life after my Family.

I wore a lot of black when I was younger. I felt like it helped me express my emotions, and although my emotions feel dark still, I think I've realized that for me, wearing dark colors is the stylistic equivalent of wallowing in self-pity.

During one summer, I picked up a ton of oversized clothing and wore it nonstop. It was all about hiding what I really looked like. I was tired of feeling like I couldn’t look like all my tall and leggy friends do. Now I’ve learned to embrace my bod and I disperse the oversized with the tight and sexy.

Yes I did. I used to wear scarf and uniform.

A strict dress code was enforced during elementary school, junior high & high school. Pantyhose weren't invented until I left for college. I had such a disdain for arbitrary rules on dress that it an indelible image was impressed on my being to "do my own thing" & let it evolve as I evolve.

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