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5. What are some shopping rules you wouldn’t necessarily recommend to others but which you follow?

Stay away from bargains which are not on my shopping list.

I buy almost all clothes second-hand. It would be nice and necessary to support some new businesses that focus on sustainable clothing.
So, don't buy everything second-hand.

I am trying to be more sustainable with what I buy so if I cannot guarantee I will wear it more than once or if I can point out things I do not like about the garment I won't buy it. I refuse to buy anything because it 'might fit me when...'

Sales don't mean the quality is cheap... buy that shit up.

1. If you love it, really really love it - buy multiples
2. Shop alone - opinions are distracting, you should know what you like and what looks good on you
3. Have a clear non vain idea of what works and does not work for you. Stick to it. Evolve naturally but don't force follow a trend, please!

baggy is good

rarely feminin colors. No princes--stuff

I can't stand to wear tights with skirts or dresses it just doesn't WORK with! "It doesn't have to match, it has to GO." Emphasize a waist at all costs. No denim on denim.

I avoid fast fashion as much as possible.
I don't buy anything unless I absolutely love it and cannot live without it. If I have any reservations about the item, it's going back.
I try to buy from thrift stores, made-in-usa or fair trade companies only.

Do it when you want to. Spontanious.
Try Things without bying them.

Sales rack first and last, everything else in-between. It encourages me to buy cheap, without restricting the more expensive stuff.

In about the last year or so I have started buying shoes online. It has a lot to do with the fact that, truth be told, I have really smelly feet and so find it incredibly uncomfortable trying shoes on in shops, especially when the shop assistants are overly effusive and helpful! Admittedly online shoe shopping hasn't been the most successful for me - the pair of Beau Coops I bought are one size too big, but I still wear them anyway. The Adidas Stan Smiths I bought are one size too small, but I still wear them anyway. Sandals are hard to buy online. I've taken to emailing the shop that I am ordering shoes from (if it is an actual shoe shop as opposed to a website like ASOS) and asking them whether the shoes are small fitting or larger. That's been useful.

I always ask myself "would this look great in a photo?" if it isn't photogenic, why have it?

Try it on and then come back to purchase

Don't buy cheap fabrics.
Buy less but better when I can.

Always check out the men's section, and if something is expensive, consider waiting for the sales.

Stop following trends that don't look completely " yours".
Always remember what is in your wardrobe so you can match everything.
You don't need everything(really!).
Stop buying white bluses.
If it doesn't convince you completely don't buy it.

I try to only buy 100% cotton shirts because polyester bothers my skin and gives me anxiety. I try to just not buy that many clothes.

I don't have any

If it doesn't FEEL nice, don't buy it. Fabric is very important, and even if something looks cute, you shouldn't buy it if it's cheaply made and the material will not wear well over time.

I buy my son's underwear at consignment shops. It's gently used, and I am guessing that would gross some parents out. I buy used sandals for myself and wear them without a second thought. For some people buying something that has touched other skins is not appealing.

Binge-shopping at thrift stores, buying items without trying them on, forgetting to return items.

Do not buy anything before visiting the whole store first.

I don't have that kind of rules

I am insanely particular about where I shop and what I'll buy. I will only buy certain things new: socks, underwear, bras, shoes. Everything else, I try to get second-hand. I only want natural fibers. I am obsessive about checking fiber content tags on garments. Sometimes my particularities exhaust me. So while I'd say fiber content is important and second-hand is great, I don't know if I'd really recommend the rigidness I have about it.

I'm a UK size 22 and I'm ashamed to use the changing rooms because of all the negative comments I get from sales people so i buy stuff without trying it on and then just come back to return it if it doesn't fit. It's a hassle and I really don't recommend it.

Expensive brands, excellent quality, second hand, always. To buy cheap is morally wrong and depressing.

I try to shop cruelty-free, which I recommend:
- no child labor
- safe working conditions
- fair trade
- no leather/silk/wool/fur/pearls

Something I follow but don't necessarily recommend:
- non-flimsy material
- if it's not comfortable, don't buy it
- will I ever wear this? no = don't buy

I never spend over $70 on any one item for myself because, I know, if I wait long enough, the item I want will eventually go on sale. Frankly, I even like to wait until items below $70 go on sale. Also, I strongly dislike shopping in-store; I prefer online shopping only. I'm willing to risk ordering the wrong size and I don't mind the return process. Lastly, no socks or wearing sweatpants in public. Ever.

I'm a very picky shopper if an item seems expensive and I'm not completely in love with it I will not buy it. This is a good/ bad thing. Following this rule i have saved a lot of money on clothes i could have potentially not worn at all. On the other hand I feel like I have missed out on some of these pieces and have not given myself the opportunity to expand my wardrobe/ style.

some that i wouldnt recommend would be to dress for other people. i try to follow this but i always end up doing it anyway.

Buying something just because you like the way it looks, especially when your lifestyle don't coincide to the use of the object or clothe.

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