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5. What are some shopping rules you wouldn’t necessarily recommend to others but which you follow?

I like to buy pre-owned, online because of the convenience, and you can buy better quality items for the price - searching specifically for what you want/need instead of going into a thrift store and not knowing what you will find. You can get some unique great pieces, some from all over the world...however, since you can't try things on first, you can also make some mistakes and waste money!

My clothing purchases are pared down to about six or so colours and I want to get down to a palette of four or less. It makes dressing more simple and I only like certain colors on my body anyways.

Going shopping when you are seeking to fill a void.

I give myself a budget.

I feel like I'm all over the place in terms of style categorization. I go from streetwear to j. crew, masculine to feminine. I buy things that I am drawn to and like. This has perhaps led to my current all-over-the-place closet. I crave cohesive fashion.

I would always recommend not buying from fast fashion and other non-ethical brands, including luxury brands. I follow that rule. It's sometimes hard but always worth it.

I will recommend others not to follow what other people are doing or shopping or which shop they go

Only buy something if you can see yourself wearing it every day.

Pick up whatever you like and try it on

If you haven't spent money in a while you can buy that overpriced item, this time.

I care about the numeric size printed on a clothing tag, and I'm more likely to buy an item that's vanity-sized. I absolutely despise this fact about myself.
I think women who purchase an item that fits and flatters without getting caught up in the clothing size are more evolved than myself.

I find shops overwhelming, so I look online first and identify some items I want to try in real life, and then when I get to the shop I look for those items straight away. It helps avoid sensory overload.

I don't know! I cannot answer this question.

I only buy new things when I sold old things and I only buy from small (women) businesses, local, sustainably produced or second hand but I reckon I would recommend these to others. knowing that every thread you wear has been lovingly crafted by a strong woman makes you feel like a stronger woman too

Not buying a shirt or dress that is too tight on the boobs.

If you're shopping online and you know that you straddle two sizes, buy the item you like in both sizes and then send one back. But I'm trying to stop doing this since it's a real hassle arranging for returns. It would be much better to wait and go into the shop to try it on when I have free time. Plus, that way there's less reckless spending, and I'll know if I actually really want that item of clothing if I've had to wait.

leave cc and money in the car. park far away.

fit clothes prior to buying

Overthinking shoe purchases?

Nothing i can remember.

I walk into charity stores when I am feeling anxious and stressed. I often buy very strange clothes that make me feel better on that day but are not practical or useful on other days.

I can't say I have any... I am very conscious about what I buy and I have a rule that I only buy second hand or I make the clothes myself. I feel like more girls should do this because thrift store shopping is like finding hidden treasures, the things you find can excite you and inspire you. The pieces are also unique and older clothing is made so much better than new clothing, usually and in my price range anyway. There is also self sufficiency in altering found thrift store treasures or making your own treasures. It shapes your personal style even more. The only thing I seem to budge on buying new is undies and socks haha

Buying on impulse.

Don't!!! Lol

I rarely shop. And I've all but quit shopping without a clear item in mind - I very rarely shop for sport and surprise. I shop second hand instead of new whenever possible.

I wait until something catches my eye. In my mind, there’s no such thing as an impulse buy. If you love it and you feel beautiful in it, why not? Sometimes I know what I’m looking for but that can be a problem because I’m very particular.

don't buy if you all ready have the similar items

I love online shopping when tipsy. I shop for my ideal size rather than my current size.

The “I shouldn’t be spending money right now...” as I purchase three things at two different stores.

I only really go shopping when I'm with my family so I don't pay for anything. I don't have a lot of money to spend on anything but necessities.

You should probably have more than two pairs of shoes and more than one pair of jeans. And maybe more than two bras too. Also, it's okay to spend money on something you really like, especially if the quality is good and it'll last you a long time.

Never buy anything with a turtle neck or a V-neck. And never buy anything with a collar. Only wear boat necks, jewel necks and henley shirts (preferred).

Get it if you really want it. Sometimes it's good to indulge our inner princess and get her that shiny new bag. I don't follow this because I have always had to budget and be careful with my money

Shop at chains as little as possible. Avoid buying what everyone else is.


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