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57. If you were totally comfortable with your body, or your body was a bit closer to what you wish it was like, what would you wear?

Every body has bad looks and good looks in fashion, so if I were to change my shape, I'd have a new set of issues to worry about.

More body con clothes

The same clothes. I like my body for the most part. I wish i had a smaller stomach, and at least when it came time to buy clothes, smaller boobs would be helpful (although I like mine)

mostly the same. i really wish i were taller and could pull off long wool coats.

The same things I wear now.

I would wear more comfortable workout clothing.

What i currently wear.

Sexy lingerie

To wear short

Transparent, full-length dresses.
Cropped band tees and jersey pencil skirts.
Low-rise jeans.

I guess shorter skirts or dresses - I have very muscular calves and don't want to show them

It is not my Body that bothers me it is my mind that does.

I am very comfortable and love my body the way it is so really anything I fancy

same stuff but cuter flats and and things that showed upper arms


Im happy about the way my body is and if i could i would not wear clothes at all, i feel even more confident when im naked.

Tube dresses. Sheath dresses. Miniskirts. Crop tops. Big blazers with little skirts underneath. Sheer tops.

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