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6. What are some rules about dressing you follow, but you wouldn’t necessarily recommend to others?

Never go out the door without looking your best . . . it can be paralyzing to mind, body and soul.

I am shy of bright colours.

I value comfort over everything else. Even style. I would rather be underdressed and comfortable.

I follow some stupid rules about coordinating colors and shapes that I learnt as a child and that are maybe a bit outdated

I usually wear casual but many people don't like that so if you don't feel comfortable of what you wear be free to change

It's okay to be the best dressed in a room.

I always, always wear my pants pretty snug. It's a matter of preference, really. I still wear a lot of skinny jeans and I like flares a lot, I can't make myself get into boyfriend jeans.

I wish I was willing to play around with baggier bottoms, like paperbag pants because they're really pretty universally flattering.

Absolutely minimal accessories.

May this one: I try to wear something that I made myself everyday. That may be a Sweater, a Shirt, a belt or even my Hand bag. Making Things takes a lot of time and also some skill. So it is not something everyone can do.

what feels most comfortable and what most expresses my mood that day. if I feel like baggy I will wear baggy no matter the occasion. if I feel like my most eccentric I will wear my most eccentric no matter the occasion.

Not wearing skinny jeans (especially leather)

For me personally, I like to cover my chest and expose my legs. My legs are long and in good shape, but my chest is on the small side.

I like to be covered up. Diane Keaton thing.
minimum skin showing

overly tight

I really don't have rules exactly. Maybe it's a problem.

Same answer as in number 5.

I love the design of office clothes such as a suit or a shirt but I have never had an office job so I have to undermine the power of the office wear with something casual such as sneakers or a t shirt.

I don't feel like I am as conscious about what I wear sometimes. I am a feeling based person so I usually base things on how I am feeling that day. This way of working sometimes yields not such aesthetic results or somedays I have no clue how I feel and this creates stress and indecision. Maybe not choosing clothes based on feeling? Maybe finding a better way to choose what to wear?

Subscribing to fashion rules. Don't. Every new trend breaks the previous trend.

I have a relatively small wardrobe. Perhaps too small. But I like having a few pieces that I can rely on and wear to shreds.

I never ever wear anything that hurts my feet. Tall heels will never receive attention from me. Platforms are a yes. Go go? Hell yes. If it hurts now then imagine it after 8 hours of standing and walking!

I hate trying on

I don't care about looking respectable.


I never ever wear black and navy blue in the same outfit, and I try to avoid yellow on my pale skin.

No one will notice if you wear the same pair of pants five days in a row.

none- really

Try everyday to make an ensemble; don't just throw things on.

to wear the same thing all the time

I think the most important rule is to follow the simplest color and shape on the clothes.

I try to use my clothes for as long as possible, and don't really wash them as often as recommended. Should probably start doing that...

As an old Hippie who went to Woodstock, I participated in a women's lib rally where we burned our bras. I haven't worn won since 1972. I don't need them. If you have large breasts, you may NEED to wear a bra, but PLEASE do NOT let the straps show beneath a tank to or sleeveless garment! I want to smack these women upside the's disgusting.

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