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61. What are some things you need to do to your body or clothes in order to feel presentable?

Body lotion, vanilla body oil, washed hair, accessories, and flattering outfits.

Wash them

i have eczema, so i have to keep up with skincare religiously.

No stains or rips, or wear...Fixing loose hems.
No downtrodden, scuffed shoes. Fix and polish them (or discard)
No bad body odour...
Brushing my teeth! Oral hygiene.

I lost my muscle tone after being confined to my bed for 5 months or so and losing the ability to walk. Since then I can walk and exercise fine again but I haven't accomplished the task of rebuilding my muscle yet. I feel like I need to do this before I feel fully presentable again. I think as long as clothes are relatively modest and very clean they're presentable enough.

Take a shower!

Wash them

To dress comfortable

Cover my white-blonde eyelashes in black waterproof mascara and perform basic skincare activities.

I've actually started moisturizing at 31, mostly due to getting high-quality moisturizer samples in subscription cosmetic boxes. It's important.

Also, I take fastidious care of my teeth. I'm privileged to have good dental insurance for the first time ever, and I see a dental hygienist every three months. She taught me about dry-brushing my teeth very gently, using a soft feathered toothbrush.

Just be clean really. And pressed (clothes not body).

wash my hair, it's a terrible obsession

clothes and body clean


A good long shower or taking a bath in my tube is first of all, then putting on newly washed or even New clothes feels great.

I need to wash my face. I need to part my hair (brushing optional). I need to put on antiperspirant deodorant. My clothes need to fit.

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