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62. How does makeup fit into all this for you?

Makeup is optional. If I feel like it adds to the look, I’ll wear it. If not? I leave it at home.

It fit at the best way.

I don't wear make-up

I like the natural look.

It doesn't. Youthful acne prevented me from experimenting, and now it just seems like a fakeout.

i like the soothing process of applying makeup, i dot really care how it looks when I'm finished

It doesn't.

Don't wear much except for super special occassions like weddings!

im pretty minimal

most of the time light eye make-up, only lashes. depends.

I feel incomplete without my eyeliner. Or, I can be in sweats but eyeliner can make it look elegant. I love it, I never get tired of the transformation in the morning of putting it on. It's become my signature. I also have been having a lot of redness and flairups so I like to wear foundation to feel my best and have a nice clean slate for my face. I like makeup and I like looking like I wear makeup. Eyeshadow eludes me. I also once heard "eyeliner without mascara is like champagne without bubbles!" So I always think of that when I put it on.

I am hopeless at makeup. I have never been able to do it. Every day I moisturise and wear a reasonably cheap foundation and that is it. I should do more. Occasionally I wear lipstick, though my boyfriend gets annoyed by that because he's not used to me wearing it, so finds it annoying when I do have it on and he goes to kiss me!! Lately people have told me I have really good skin, so I kind of want to let my skin be what amazes people as opposed to makeup because for so long I had such shit skin that I would do everything I could to cover it up (which probably exacerbated the pimples even more!) It's nice to finally feel that I should just leave my skin to be.

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