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62. How does makeup fit into all this for you?

I never wear it

No i don’t usually wear it

I love makeup, it helps me feel put together, but I keep it on the minimalist side. I also am embracing my naked face more and working on a good skin care regimen.

Wear it most days..not so vain if I dont

I never had a mom or sister who taught me how to do makeup, so I haven't worn it much and am learning from zero. During quarantine I got into lipsticks, as my first foray. I just take it in baby steps. I don't really like a lot of makeup anyway, I'd rather focus on skincare.

It dresses up a simple outfit.

i wear it for photos.

Minimal make-up like mascara, corrector, lip balm, maybe BB cream.

I do not use make at all.

It depends on my look for the day.

Don’t get caught without it

I'm slowly starting to feel obligated to wear makeup, but it's not something I enjoy.

i don't wear it.

I get lazy, but on days I do it, I like to feature the eyes. I definitely look less tired when I put on makeup. Sometimes I'll put it on for myself to feel better and more awake, sometimes I'll do it when seeing others to feel more vivid!
I don't like the whole 'I've now got to take it off at the end of the day' thing though.

I wear a foundation made from plant extracts with a mineral powder containing sunscreen and a light blush. I also wear mascara and tinted lip balm. I like to wear simple makeup that enhances my natural beauty so I can still recognize myself when I take it off. I would feel very weird if I wore more elaborate makeup that changed my features, I don't think I'd be able to look at myself without it anymore.

I do not wear a lot of makeup but I do like to enhance my eyes with mascara.

I do not wear make up

When I wear makeup, it's mascara and sometimes lipstick. Nothing more, no more wanting to hide the circles under my eyes

I love makeup and it helps me feel good cute

I don't wear much makeup, but I need a few products on my face to feel confident. Right now, here's my 2-minute routine:

Black, waterproof mascara
Tinted moisturizer in "fair"
Blonde eyebrow pencil
Oxblood-colored lipstick

I play with makeup, a little. Some days, I'll do my eyebrows in blue and put some highlighter on my face. I'm learning more "dewy" makeup techniques to appear youthful and glowing.

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