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63. Is there a certain look you feel you’re expected to like that you have absolutely no interest in? What is it? Why aren’t you interested?

Not really...maybe more of a 'mum' look? Sports tights, puffa vests and new Nike sneakers?

'Sports Goth' owing that I am sporty and wear black - it seems vapid, also file under trend - I just don't care!

The new internet age with crop tops, chokers, and booty shorts. Just not my style. Although i do love high waisted shorts but not people who cant pull them off.

Cloth with patterns
I like it plaine

I used to think I was expected to like really feminine clothes because I am female. I wasn't comfortable in that because it felt too...flirty? Too attention grabbing?


Las medias con liguero. Son incómodas y me hacen bocha. La rejilla ni te cuento, parezco un roti de pavo

Good question. I don't think so. There are fewer expectations of women my age, I think.

not neccecarily a look, but i don't often use make up and such, and my sister often reads it as "you don't care"/"you don't think about it"/"you don't care how you look" and it frustrates me because it's not true, I just don't feel i need it in order to feel good about myself.

Any look that infantilizes women does not interest me. Women become more sexy as we mature, not less sexy.

Yes, the rolled-up sleeves black jacket look over anything. I don't think a black jacket is the answer to everything.

The 'well done hair' look. I love it, no doubt. But my hair type and daily schedule just doesn't give me the leeway to blow dry my hair all the time or go to a salon to fix it up. I go once a month, and it's enough for me. I have no interest in going out of my comfort zone because everyone around me does so.

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