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66. Tell us about something in your closet that you keep but never wear. What is it, why don’t you wear it, and why do you keep it?

i have a merry widow - i don't wear it because i don't buy strapless - but
i keep it because YOU NEVER KNOW...

Many things, however, I have gotten better at getting rid of stuff. Once I got an expensive cocktail dress. I have no idea why I had to have it, but I did. I wore it to two parties. It’s not that unique or interesting. It’s just a black tube dress, very tight. It’s still in my closet but I doubt I’ll ever wear it again.

PVC ballgown and gloves. Because that was me, but not me now. It's a lovely memory, like an old wedding dress. I suppose I was marrying myself....

I have a little white eyelet sundress that is so old it's gone yellowy, but I keep it because I first met my husband in it.

I will always keep my Marc by Marc Jacobs minidress. I don't wear it anymore because it's a few sizes too small for me. But I love it and I love that I've worn it sometimes before. I also totally love my blue and red wedge Camper shoes, but they are too tight and small. I still tried to wear them to work a few years ago, one day.

black maxi skirt. i keep it because it seems like such a good staple. I always wear other colors, though.

The jacket I mentioned earlier, the biggest waste of money. I don't know why I can't part with it. I guess I keep hoping I'll put it on sometime and like it.

That blasted wedding dress!

I have a fire-engine red strapless sheath dress. I don't wear it because I have no where to wear it, but I keep it hoping that one day, I will.

I haven't played soccer in five-plus years, but my cleats still have a place in my closet. They probably always will.

A pretty grey wool dress with a very flattering, waist-defining shape and a cutout on the lower back. I never wear it because it is too formal for anything except a wedding or a special party, and who wants to wear grey to a party?

Old jeans from when I was in my 20s. They made my ass look fabulous but today, I am not even sure they would fit over my hips. But I had a lot of good memories in those jeans so I am keeping them.

I keep two pairs of hareem trousers that I bought in Thailand when I went travelling there. They have fond memories and I do like them, but I never seem to find an appropriate opportunity to wear them and I don't find them all too flattering.

I have a vibrant green lace dress. I bought it to attend my father's funeral. I keep telling myself to wear it to another event so I don't associate it solely with my father's passing, but I keep not wearing it. I know that in time it will wind up being donated to a good's just not that time yet.

Now nothing. But for years I had an old Chinese dress in my wardrobe. I wore it once when I was a teenager and then my bum grew out of it but the material and pattern were so nice that it gave me pleasure just to look at it. I knew I would never cut it or adapt it to make it fit because it was perfect the way it was, so I just kept it and took it out and fondled it and admired it from time to time. I finally made a friend who I knew it would be perfect for, so I gave it to her.

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