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66. Tell us about something in your closet that you keep but never wear. What is it, why don’t you wear it, and why do you keep it?

dresses for special occasions... I dont go to any of those

Some of the things I keep because I think I might be able to use the fabric on them for some sewing project in the future. I do have an emerald green coat with a fur collar and sleeve cuffs that I have never worn, but I keep it because I have the hope that I'll have the nerve to wear it when I move to a colder city.

A pleated Planet skirt. I always try it on and it never works. I keep it because it is fully lined with satin and it is so silky against my skin. the skirt is really high quality. I love it's fullness, I love the pattern on it. But I look like a peasant woman in it.

There may be a couple...

A top that belonged to my sister

Favorite pieces that might one day be worn again...

a top that my Mother made me

My favourite Black Blazer that is so funky and retro that I can never throw away!

A pair of jeans because it doesn't fit well..I keep it because it's my boyfriend's gift

Funky orange jacket-blouse. I have nothing that goes with it, and it's a bit snug, BUT it's such fun!

I have a bunch of vintage shoes that don't fit me but that I keep as a work archive.

Old sweatshirt- from trip as teen, still fits, but wearing thin and last worn as comfort shirt when mother died.

This amazing crop top.
I don't wear it 'cause I don't feel good in it and I'm just keeping nice things. I can't get rid of it. I'm waiting for me to feel good in it.

A black wool vest. I keep it because is pretty, but doesn't fit me at all.

2 things:
-A silk skirt my grandmother bought on the same trip to Asia when I bought the top in #65. It's much too small for me, but I keep it because it was hers and she bought it on that trip.

-A top that my other grandmother made in her dress shop in the '60s and gave to me. It's ridiculously out of style, I don't think it fits and I'm afraid of damaging it. But I keep it because she made it.

-A pair of cute ankle boots I bought at an Icelandic flea market. They're now in pretty fragile condition, so I don't wear them, although I keep meaning to when the weather is perfect some day.

A beautiful dress that I've never had an excuse to wear but I keep it just in case


An expensive yellow dress that I bought in the hopes that one day I would fit it - still hasn't happened.

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