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67. Looking back at all your purchases over the past five to fifteen years, can you generalize about what sorts of things were the most valuable to buy?

When I didn't 'settle' for an item, but was happy with it from the start. Something that was simple and classic but not too 'basic', so that it felt special to wear.

I can't remember most of my purchases during that time frame.

My wedding dress.

Coats, they last and cost more

A couples of my bags and shoes

Really high-quality shoes never disappoint. Go to the designer outlet mall and try on expensive shoes to find a pair that really fits.
Moto jackets.

I was given a leather jacket for Chrismas that was much too big for me. I wore it for a year or two but I hated it. So when I had the Money I went to a Tailor who is specialized in leather garments and I ordered a bespoke leather jacket. Back then it costed 1.800 Deutsch-Marks or about US-$1.000. I still have it and I wear it, when I need to feel confident or good Looking. I like this jacket very much. It has a blue lining inside, which make it look Special.

handmade things.

Coats - they are the one thing that I have spent more money on and not regretted it, and have kept them.

japanese designers


Not really as i feel everything i own has its value at some Level.

I can’t. There’s no pattern, really.

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