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68. Is there an item of clothing that you once owned, but no longer own, and still think about or wish you had back? What was it, what happened to it, and why do you want it back?

Winter shoes with spikes. I thought I had too much shoes and I gave them away. Silly me! It gets cold and slippery every year.

a perfect soft snug leather jacket - moto style that I wore often in London and was nicked at a pub. I miss it, it felt like a hug.

yes - a few actually - i had a lovely long wool coat which I dearly miss - it was warm, it fitted beatifully and I really do not know why i did not keep it - moved house, i think

I lost an almost new pullover. It was dark blue with transparent mesh at the side. I loved that one. Also I lost a designer-blouse that was also a little transparent but with orange-grey flowers

UGH I REALLY WANT THIS PERFECT FITTING BLACK DRESS BACK. It was seriously my favorite item and I lost it completely. It has a cut out in the back that was surprising and sexy. I wore sweaters over it in the winter and it always aligned perfectly to my form. So mad.

I used to own this really cool Karen Walker woollen tunic. It was cream and covered in blue spots, and had a frilly trim around the V-neck. It was so cool and looked great over jeans. I sold it when I needed more money for a trip to Melbourne. I wish I'd never done that - it totally was worth more than the $20 I got for it, and I really should have just foregone a gin and tonic in Melbourne to have been able to keep it.

I had a nightgown that was so soft and sexy. The washing machine ate it

I miss a pair of beautiful high-waisted jeans...they're broken and impossibile to repair now.

Yes, I had this purple splash coloured halter top, I haven't a clue where it went, but it made my figure look gorgeous

a silk chiffon floral cocktail dress with pretty draped detailing on the bodice. It was vintage, probably from the early '60s. I cut the bodice off and made the skirt into a separate, but it never really worked. I kick myself that I cut off the bodice, as it fit really well as a dress. I ended up tossing all of it after a while, realizing I would never use the leftover fabric for anything else.

I had a black scarf that I lost the first day of my senior year of undergrad. It was a gift and I regret losing it.

Yes. I have donated items and later regretted getting rid of them. It's hard to even articulate why, I just think about them and wish I had them back.

I don't think about stuff like that

I instantly forget former items of clothing once discarded.

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