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7. What is the most transformative conversation you have ever had on the subject of fashion or style?

It was a simple question a friend asked me, "How do you know? You haven't even tried it on yet." I think I was just stuck in a jeans and t-shirt phase and was afraid everything would look weird on me when I was younger.

Can’t really think of one

you should wear jewels on your clothes. gold colored.

Unfortunately, I don't recall having any of that. My entourage is more trend-driven, than me, we don't have transformative conversations about fashion.


I do not remember one.

When I was 20 I believed passionately in social and environmental change, and that fashion was a frivolous waste of time/energy. I was talking to my most fashionable friend, a woman who from the age of 14 always knew exactly how she wanted to look and asked her in earnest "But what would you do with all your time if fashion just didn't exist?" and while she had no answer she asked me back "But what would you do if there was global equity and sustainability?" And I saw her point they were really both personal interests.

I can’t recall one.

Internal conversations with myself about worth, pleasure, and confidence


When I heard that Wearing an outfit is different than styling an outfit
How you wear clothes is your style

when i realized that other people looked more put together because they bought more clothes -- mine have on occasion lasted 10 years.

probably something on the topic of fashion not being lame to care about, but also not being that serious. being less embarrassed about putting effort in.

Not conversation - but websites about capsule wardrobes, projectt333 and 10x10... and sustainable wardrobes! It made me more conscious about being throughtful about what I wanted in my closet, and where it came from and was going.

I haven't talked to enough people who are truly interested in these things past surface level commentary to have one of these.

There were many, mostly in college, with women on completely opposite sides of the modesty spectrum.

I talked with my friend Sarah when i was about 17.

Something that sticks with me is my mum wearing an inside-out crewneck sweater a lot when I was growing up. It seems like a small thing, but I think that was the first time I really thought about wearing things in different ways than they might have been intended to.

I don't talk about it a lot, but my friends often encourage me to be as bold as I feel like

I've never had a conversation about underwear

Can't remember...

The way fast fashion is made, has changed the way I look at my clothes and how much I buy.

I read "I'll Drink to That: A Life in Style" by Betty Halbreich during a very long bus ride. It wasn't a conversation, but it was transformative. This memoir, written by an 86 year-old personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman felt like a conversation.

Betty Halbreich's book taught me the value of pairing a jacket with a casual outfit to look like a polished boss lady and many other lessons about timeless style and caring for clothes.

I don't think I've ever had one

I do not remember any conversation that had a transformative Impact on me.

talking about the things I make myself, talking about others' own creations, talking about supporting local business, making sustainable choices (a recent conversation with a shoemaker and on her decisions on why and how she sources her leather and why it's not synthetic even though she wouldn't run for leather first thing)

I don't recall having ever had a proper conversation on fashion or style.

When a friend told me about dressing for your season. I had always loved pastel coloured clothing but it never sat quite right on me. Then, when I realised I was an Autumn, it made a lot more sense.

a shop in New York in the 1960’s called Countdown owned by Diana Lesley.
Most original gorgeous clothes. Transformed me.


My friends encouraging me to buy statement coats or pants in high school was super influential - just the "I can't pull this off"/ "No, you're who CAN pull it off!" conversation. I'm still fascinated when clothing is "wearing" its person, and the line between those things, which is much more apparent when people aren't feeling confident. It's also fascinating that you don't appear to others as you appear to yourself. Putting energy into dressing most often has to do with how much energy I feel. Another one of my friends encouraged me in word and deed to embrace single statement pieces, outrageous or more ordinary, which is the way I sort of tend anyway, so I loved that a lot. It's not a conversation but I loved when I discovered White Lightning's blog back in 2010 or so. I loved some of her outfits but most of all her complete narrative, her complete cohesion of non-cohesive things, and turning ordinary things unusual. A visionary dresser.

With mu husband, when he convinced me that i had no trouble wearing smaller skirts, dresses or even a bikini.

Im not sure if this counts as a conversation.. my mum's dressing rules are very memorable. Once we were five we could choose our own outfits so long as we didnt match busy with busy (two patterned items together).
I still stick to this rule as well as no tight with tight or baggy with baggy.

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