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7. What is the most transformative conversation you have ever had on the subject of fashion or style?

none really.

A friend said she decided to stick to three main colours and the same shape of dress, trousers and top.

It was in a money seminar run by landmark education - a seminar about examining one's relationship to money.
I got that I had been not buying myself new clothes for years because I was married to a banker and I didn't want people to think I was some kind of money-flinging banker's wife. I was making a show of being really frugal and only buying second-hand clothing. It was totally inauthentic. I really got the impact it was having on my self-expression. I really got that it was totally bull shit. And I just dropped the whole story.

Two work colleagues who said that my wardrobe was the only one of our work colleagues that they would like to steal. Said I reminded them of Diane Keaton's style - massive, massive effect on me. Made me feel so good and much more confident about choices.

I don't know??

My colleague told me she dressed well because she was of Dutch descent. This reassured me that I needn't worry about not being as fabulous as her as I don't have European ancestry.

It has usually been about what I have read or seen, not a conversation with someone else. Find your own style.

I have a lot of very good people around me - so I've had a multitude of positive conversations about body image and style that have impacted how I choose to dress.

I do not remember

have not had one (can't remember)

I give style and clothing advice for a living so i have loads of those!

With my best friend, when we decided that we were just gonna own the whole boy swag thing and decided to only wear men's clothes, apart from jeans, for a while. And just our reasons for doing it and how it made us feel. It was the start of us both not giving a shit about life or what other people thought of us.

A writer and activist I greatly admire makes his own clothes out of burlap (in order to escape the oppressive systems in our world). He likes to tell the story of Mother Theresa's feet, which were badly deformed by the end of her life. It turns out that she would always pick through the donations for the Sisters of Charity and choose the worst pair of shoes for herself, which she would wear until they were in tatters. It ruined her feet, and no doubt caused her great physical pain. I think it is such a beautiful, horrible story. I can't stop thinking about it, even to this day.

Mothers know it all, but also have no clue about anything.

My fashion choices are more of a personal thing. I don't talk to a lot of people about it. I have mostly found my way by reading blogs/going on Pinterest and really asking myself what I like.

Recently I've been asking friends what they think their style is. Each of them pegged what I would think of them from my side...but we all realized that being a parent, you hardly ever actually project what you yourself feel you want to. Even if others may see you that way!

Well, with my best friend, what was the difference between being classic and achieving my own style, what was trendy, how to wear what, so i started taking tiny risks...

One with a stylist who connected style with a freedom and care for self... Liberating and helpful as she taught me to "finish" an outfit better.. Use some assessoires and makeup..

Me hicieron ver que las plataformas son una horterada de jennis, aunque sigo llevando pero mucho más moderadamente

I have yet to have that conversation, sadly. I love your book, btw!!!

being in a shop in amsterdam wearing a super tight full-lenght vintage dress that was absolutely perfect size-wise i complained to the sales-woman: but when do i wear something like this? and she said: when/why do you wear something like this? today, because it's abeautiful day in amsterdam and you love this dress. it inspires me to wear the things i want to wear without endlessly waiting for the "right" moment.

I was talking to my brother-in-law's girlfriend, who is French, and we talked about a lot of things regarding fashion and style. Most notably, she talked about how interesting it is that women are sometimes offended if men compliment their clothing and decide to dress differently; as if it's some form of subversion to dress in a way that is attractive to men. We talked about feminism in dressing, and how looking attractive to your partner can also a form of empowerment. We also touched upon fashion vs. style and how some women develop style, while others follow fashion. (we may or may not have decided that French women do one thing, and American women do the other).

a conversation with a close friend on how a good pair of heels is more attractive than a cleavage or a short skirt.

It wasn't a conversation as much as it was an observation. I was on vacation in Leh, Ladakh (in the state of Jammu & Kashmir). The local women there wear absolutely no makeup. They don't give a fuck about fashion and things like getting their hair done.

They're the happiest women I've seen in my life.

I was talking to my mom about buying second hand clothes (which I used to hate) and she said something along the lines of 'as long as you like it, it doesn't matter where it came from'.

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