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7. What is the most transformative conversation you have ever had on the subject of fashion or style?

when my mother in law commented how good I look when I dont put an efford and im just wearing flip flops, rock band tshirt and short shorts.

I cannot think of any.

As a teenager I was part of a girls clique - the others were constantly lamenting about how ugly they were, how their eyes were lacking expression, how strange their knees would look and that they were tired of the colour orange.

I left them.

well im a fashion writter and also designer and blogger so i have a lot of conversations with my rommie about fashion she also is the same as me, that said i can remember only one.

When I attended a seminar about heels, their history and how to start using them if you never have before

Fashion is not that important to have transformative conversations about it.

As a fashion designer, everyday I have conversations about this kind of "style" subject. The conclusion for me is that you have to wear clothes you're confortable in to feel confortable about yourself.

With my best friend, we were laughing at some photo of myself when I was sixteen. I couldn't combine patterns.

I do not label any conversation I ever had on the subject of fashion or style as "transformative".

whatever you do, use underwear!

When I started working at a boutique that sold bras I didn't know my correct size. I knew that most stores didn't carry bras that fit me, so I concluded that my size wasn't worth carrying in stores because sales in smaller sizes were more lucrative to carry. This in turn made me feel unworthy, though I knew that wasn't the case- I felt that way. When I put on a bra that actually fit me, I could button up my shirt without a problem, and felt like a normally proportioned human being. It was one of the more validating experiences I've ever had.

Haven't had one since I was a teenager -young adult. Had a friend enrolled in fashion school. We would discuss various trends that our peers were wearing vs. what we wore vs. the fashion industry.

I don't think I've ever experienced a transformative conversation on fashion or style

I think talking with close friends about what suits you is always interesting. Or if they see a piece that they say is "very you", it often shows a lot about your style you didn't think about. I also think colours can be a big transformer.

I was told by my dearest and most admired friend "On days you feel chic, you look chic, everything looks chic. On days you bitch and whine, you look as bad as you sound, regardless of what you're wearing. You have taste, physical and emotional. Wear them both."

I'm still waiting for that one.

I'm not sure I've had that conversation yet.

I'm not sure I've had that conversation yet.

I don't think I've ever had one.

I would say that my opinions or feelings on fashion or style haven't been shaped strongly by conversation with others. Having been strongly anti-fashion as a teen and young adult, reading about and discussing the ways that looking down on femme presentation can be a symptom of patriarchal culture helped me develop a more nuanced view of fashion.

A few months afterI had a nervous breakdown, and a dear friend who is a genius costume designer gently said, "your clothes look sad." It was true - i was wearing giant shapeless, bulky grey sweaters, torn, ill fitting black t shirts, etc. I had dyed my hair black, and wore no makeup for months.
A few years leter, we were backstage and she said she was so happy to see me in a DVF wrap drss in a bright print, with red hair and lipstick. She told me I finally looked myself again, and I think she was right.

I don't think I've had one of those. I think my issues (body shape, culture) are something I've had to muddle through on my own.

I'm not sure.

I've never had one that was at all transformative. People have them?

I don't think I've really had one that I recall. Mostly along the lines of people liking my weird outfits, I think...but nothing I can pin down for you.

A lady noticed that I bear a strong physical resemblance to Frieda Kahlo. She urged me to play it up.
Advice I actually took.


Honestly, I can't identify one. In my profession (I am a lawyer whose clients are generally large companies), my interest in style is unusual. I've met only a few other women like me who openly discuss their interest in fashion. My views and uses of fashion and style have evolved from my own observations and reading widely about these subjects.

None that I can remember

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