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70. Building up your wardrobe from nothing, what would you do differently this time?

Think about where and when I usually wear my clothes. Buy only clothes that "click" when I see them. And natural fibres only!

I would attempt to make it more of a capsule wardrobe, so that I don't spend hours on end staring into it thinking I have nothing to wear.

buy less and edit more

go for a proper fitting

buy less. but better quality

I would buy printed pants! Why not. So fun.

Buy really high quality items--but only a few. I'm interested in the capsule wardrobe concept, but I feel like I'm already so attached to my clothes that I can't start fresh.

I would buy several really expensive and good quality items, as opposed to lots of cheap items which is what I have tended to have done over the years - at least until I started working, anyway. I think that I would spend a lot more time, effort and money finding a good pair of jeans, and do the same with shoes.



Fill it with eccentric and beautiful fun dresses that mostly consist of cosplay like items

More cardigans

I kind of have done that, after a weight change and period of life transition. A lot of stuff didn't fit or was worn out.

If I had to do it over again, I would not try to survive for so long on so little. I would be like, go buy more than 3 pairs of socks and two pairs of pants! You're going to wear them!

I wuold choose more colours



Taking time to test what i like as a style, what shape suit me best, if the clothes is really fitting me, ext...

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