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70. Building up your wardrobe from nothing, what would you do differently this time?

buy less focus better


I think its Perfect the way it is to be honest.

I would make sure to focus on spreading the love between all of my items, instead of ending up with an abundance of shoes and not enough tops.

Maybe just generally more clothes, lol.

I would buy more fancy clothes.


Pick what makes me feel good and also makes me look nice.

I would buy fewer tshirts. People are going to give me a lot of them over the years, no need to buy them.

not waste money on pointless things that you will come to hate in a few years.

Think about where and when I usually wear my clothes. Buy only clothes that "click" when I see them. And natural fibres only!

I would attempt to make it more of a capsule wardrobe, so that I don't spend hours on end staring into it thinking I have nothing to wear.

buy less and edit more

go for a proper fitting

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