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74. What are your closet and drawers like? Do you keep things neat, etc?

Somewhat organised

Yes everything is in order and it always clean

My house is currently sparkling clean and freshly-bleached, but my clean clothing is sitting in a mountain of baskets. Some of it's folded.
I wish I was a tidy woman who lived in a spare studio apartment with a perfectly-organized clothing rack. I'm not that woman, though.

They are very neat but often empty. When I'm messy with clothes it's because they are on the floor or draped over a chair.

most everything is on a rack so I can always see everything I have. my underwear and socks are folded in boxes.

A mess. I try and keep them organised and that lasts for about a week.


Its organized for sure, in my case its by color.

Everything is a huge mess, but I know where it is.

My closet is meticulous but that may be because most of my clothing is across my chair. I suppose that’s just where I like it the best.

Not at all.

It is full of clothes. Yes I do.

I am a bit OCD about storing everything in my house.

Yes I like to keep organized.

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