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74. What are your closet and drawers like? Do you keep things neat, etc?

Yes I like to keep organized.

I wish. I go through it and clean and toss a couple times a year. I don't have enough space not to. I come to bed late, so I tend to open closet door, toss in item, and shut closet door. I tidy up once a week.
It's sad in there.

i try to keep them neat

Not really. I'm quite precise on my shoes, I wash and wax them after winter.

I like everything to be clean and neat although my underwear drawer will forever be a mess.

custom made closet, very neat. Organized and micro organized.

not at all

messy most of the time

I don't keep them that neat. I like to have a space for plain black cotton leggings and gym / sleep / comfortable tees.

A complete fucking shambles.

Yes- pretty neat.

Clean and ordered by type and colour.

All my clothes are folded in a suitcase and duffle bag due to my traveling

I have padded hangers for my sweaters and black matching hangers for everything else, and I roll my pants and knits up to fit in drawers neatly. That is about it, however.

I keep my clothing in our spare room closet, and everything derails into piles around the room every few weeks.

It's all organized. I don't have a dresser.

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