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75. Were you ever given a present of clothing or jewelry that especially touched you?

As cliche as this sounds, I am ridiculously proud of the boy scout 'Life" rank pins from my sons. They are red enameled hearts, and I value my straight son's work and my gay son's work to get them. They have taken different roads to get to different places, but what they did in that process was amazing.

im not sure if this counts, but i was given my grandmothers earrings when she died, and i love them.

??? Noo-oo.

earrings made of the bracelet of my dead grandmother. my cousins have the same ones.

I actually have very patricular taste. Let me buy it, please. Once my mom offered to drive me BACK to the mall to buy this super comfy on sale long grey sweater that manages to look cute, comfortable, and sophisticated. It was also on sale. I was touched she offered to go back to the mall! It was totally worth it I wear it all the time!

My boyfriend gave me a vintage Hermes scarf for Christmas a few years ago. It seemed like such an amazing and thoughtful gift - something different to jewellery but something so significant and special. I liked too that he'd tried to find something that was vintage (he knows I love vintage clothing) but that was a statement item.

I keep every little piece that my closest friends gave me in all these years.

Yes, my hatchetman

Yes, my mom gave me a pearl and silver necklace and a pair of gold earrings right around when I graduated college. They made me feel so adult and were so nice, it was like a show of support as a launched my new adult life.

not yet

My husband once gave me a very beautiful piece of jewellery with no particular reason other than yet another "all clear" breast cancer check up.

The three necklaces my sister gifted me when I was the maid of honor at her wedding. They represented the three most important literary works from our childhood. A looking glass necklace with a bronze chain, which represented Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. A brass lion’s head on a brass chain that represented the Wizard of Oz. And, a silver necklace with a time piece on one side, the tree of life on the other side, and a swallow charm hooked in the chain, which represented the Little Prince. I later had that swallow charm tattooed on my ribcage.

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