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75. Were you ever given a present of clothing or jewelry that especially touched you?

A beautiful brown suede square tote bag which was a surprise present from my parents - its around 20 years old, but still a classic!

A special handmade necklace made from rose quartz and a bead talisman with an engraved tree on it and a small tassel. I was gifted this by a virtual stranger I met on a four day women's retreat. I was very ill with a condition that would lead to me being partially paralyzed for months during this retreat but I wouldn't know this until a week later. This kind stranger was compassionate towards my suffering (I felt ill and weak with the early symptoms of my condition and did not yet understand them). I was very sad during the retreat because of how confusingly ill I felt and she comforted me. At the end of the retreat she gave me this necklace and told me that she made it for herself when she was young to promote self healing. She gave me her wishes that it would impart self healing for me as well. I was very touched!

I got an initial necklace from my parents.


Yes jewelry and clothes

My boyfriend bought me a particularly chunky gold chain for my birthday last year. It's a Cuban link, 24 karat gold plated chain, I believe it's 12 mm. It's the first piece of high-end men's jewelry I ever owned, but it really goes with everything.

A handmade piece of clothing. My late grandfathers signet ring.

an amethyst necklace I got from my aunt and uncle that I would have never expected from them

My grandmother's wedding ring. She gave it to me when she was still alive as it no longer fit on her finger. Now that she has passed I wear it every day.

yes my pearls with koi


Yes, at my 40th birthday husband bought a golden neckless With my own name in it.

My friends know me well. My favorite is a pair of earrings from my friend Kalei that are silver, in the face of a shape. They dangle.

My friend gave me a cheap little mood ring that matched the one she wears every day. She said it was for when words don’t work. I love her for that.

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