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76. Did you ever buy an article of clothing without giving it much thought, only to have it prove much more valuable as time went on? What was the item and what happened?

Yeah, a brown suede top with tons of fringe on it. My friends thought it was horrible when I tried it on, but I've had so many compliments on it since - and it matches a pair of brown heels I have perfectly.

I bought my white Club Monaco plastic sunglasses about 7 years ago. I knew I needed sunglasses all the time because of my photosensitivity, so there was that thought behind the purchase. However, one time, they broke. I took them back to The Sunglass Hut at Yorkdale mall and they fixed them for me with the aid of Club Monaco. They have been my most signature accessory, and the most resilient. Also, my son makes fun of them and says this is why he thinks I startle people.

Yes! I bought a brown cardigan and accidentally grabbed one that was three sizes too big. I came to love that oversized cardigan and wore it so much that it fell apart. The purple flats from Old Navy were also a passing thought when I bought them.

In ninth grade my best friend Lydia and I purchased the same Calvin Klein black spaghetti-strap tank top. Actually, I think we both bought two. We'd decided we wanted to have something we called "edge". Basically, we wanted style. These tank tops represented the first building block of that style. I wore those tank tops through high school, through college, through my twenties, and still, today, have one I occasionally use for layering. I once looked on the Calvin Klein website to see if they were still making it, but of course they weren't. It's tragic. It really was the perfect black tank.

I bought a grey cardigan on sale at the Gap for $15 that I wear at least two days a week. It's just so versatile!

I bought a bright pink cotton jumpsuit at a yard sale for three dollars, thinking it was cheap and too interesting to leave behind - and then I wore it all summer, feeling breezy and beautiful, and got compliments up and down the street.

Many of my favorite items of clothing have come about this way, and I'm still trying to figure this out! A lot of my style is accidental or spontaneous which I like, but I'd like to be somewhat more on-purpose about my style.

I am constantly surprised by my clothes. There are compliment magnets I love, (eg My new JW Anderson X Topshop black silk tennis dress) compliment magnets I tolerate but will wear when I'm currying favour, (A Comptoir de Cottoniers shirt I bought in a charity shop) and there are pieces I adore that no-one has ever, ever commented on (Asymmetrical dusty pink linen pussycat bow blouse from Topshop)
*Post Survey thought: The latter is not particularly flattering I suppose but it carries so much associative baggage: 1)Asymmetrical makes me think of those Belgian designers 2)Dusty pink = Ballet, which I loved as a kid 3)Linen. As an Irishwoman I feel it is almost an obligation to own/wear linen and finally 4)Pussycat bow reminds me of when my mother went back to work in the late 'Seventies and spent all her money on blouses.I'm not so much wearing a top when I wear this top, I'm wearing intellect, race & love/nostalgia.

I bought an old american varsity jumper from a second hand shop and it is my favorite jumper. it just turned out to be so comfortable and so warm, with the perfect cuffs and the perfect length. It was also in a very neutral color so very wearable so thanks Temple University!

Mu first "investment" piece. I saw it, checked out the price, went back the next day, tried it on and bought it because I liked it and I needed it. That was about six years ago and now I buy all my suits at that shop and the first suit is still my favourite and the one I get the most compliments on.

yes. lots of times

The grey chunky sweater, definently. It was kind of an impulse purchase but I love it so much.

I bought a winter coat that was really warm and practical. It’s a winter coat most people in Canada wear. It became very valuable to me when it would be a blanket or a pillow on very cold nights. I still have it and won’t throw it away.

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