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77. How and when do you shop for clothes?

I caramel trench coat I purchased around 15 year ago on a whim because it was on sale. Classic and chic, i still wear it! Dressed up or down, it's been on many trips, a daily staple.

I give my purchases thought from the start, so no.

Underarmour and Nike pro compression shorts are my go-to layer to wear over tights/under a dress or skirt. I bought them in high school for athletics and still have the same pairs today..... yikes.


No I haven't

I bought a black maxi dress last summer at a discount store for less than $25. I wore it constantly.

a black longsleeve turtleneck. I love it more than I admit. it's topshop.

giorgio armani sweater

sdfvsfdgrty gb

No i dont think so.

My first pair of platforms ever. I sort of have an obsession. I became more and more attached and eventually bought some more. The rest is history.

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