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78. Do you like to smell a certain way?

Good, preferably.

Apart from my own natural pheromones, I want to smell clean. What this means is not necessarily perfumed, but kind of fresh. It doesn't hurt to smell like cookies, either.

just clean!

I just don't want to smell bad, really.

I like to smell exotic and lush. I try to find perfumes with jasmine or sandalwood as their main component.

like flowers

Clean? I tend to lean toward organic scents like lavender or cocoanut.

I like the smell of vanilla a lot, but I don't shower all that often so it's not imperative for me to smell of it, I just don't like to smell of sweat.


I like to smell clean and freshly showered. Anything else is kind of an afterthought.

Yes, like lavender, combined with a specific conditioner and lotion. I like the three scents combined. Also, like my lover. I like that smell in my nose.

I like to smell nice. I make my own deodorant, and the essential oils I put in it change regularly. I like it to be a spicy, floral scent.

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