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78. Do you like to smell a certain way?

I like to smell clean and freshly showered. Anything else is kind of an afterthought.

Yes, like lavender, combined with a specific conditioner and lotion. I like the three scents combined. Also, like my lover. I like that smell in my nose.

I like to smell nice. I make my own deodorant, and the essential oils I put in it change regularly. I like it to be a spicy, floral scent.

I love perfume but rarely wear it because I've had people scream at me about their allergies and so on.
Can't be good to get migraines. My sister has bad allergies.
I think I am hopeless at perfume, bad at choosing it and understanding it. That said, no one should smell like fruit or chocolate. You are a woman, not a comestible.

I used to be a huge fan of Laura Biagiotti’s perfume Venezia. As soon as I had kids, though, I realized that so much of our communication was based on scent. I wanted my kids to know what I smelled like. As they get older, I think about exploring perfumes again.


The only scent I wear, when I do, is Guerlain Vetiver for men.

I tried so hard to smell like a grand-mother a few months ago. I really don't know why. I started washing myself with lavender soap and wearing Penhaligon's Lilly of the Valley fragrance.

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