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78. Do you like to smell a certain way?

like Habinita!

I like to smell clean, like good-quality, old-fashioned soap.

yes, patchuli

I like to smell good. I change the scents I wear every day and every time one perfume or lotion runs out, but I like to wear a scent that is not overpowering and that doesn't give me a headache but still leaves an impression on people's memories.

I used to love wearing perfume, but these days with so many people allergic to scents I don't wear it anymore. I am still conscious about odour though, and so I try to ensure that I am clean, and that after a shower, before I use deodorant I clean my underarm area with alcohol. Hardly the same impression from an olfactory sense (oh how the times change...)

Smell is not a big part of me. I am usually au natural. I have lots of allergies. However, I bought some must lotion for my legs and I Love it. My partner hates it.

no, except clean (except when we are camping - then I like to feel "earthy"!

Yes I like citrus and vanilla

Clean. Sometimes I add a drop of essential oil to my hair.

I like to smell good.

Other than clean, no. Unfortunately, I probably usually smell like cigarette smoke.

Yes, care very much that I smell good. Love light floral perfumes.


Yes. I love perfume or any bath and body product that has a vanilla smell.

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