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81. Is there an article of clothing, a piece of make-up, or an accessory that you carry with you or wear every day?



In the winter, I wear leggings under my jeans because it is so cold. I wore my bright pink pea coat everyday. Most of the time, I carry around an extra pair of socks in my purse because you never know! I also have panty hose in there for work but never wear them. I carry around a few lipsticks. One is the lipstick I wore for my wedding. It is expensive but perfect. Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Lip Stain #7, Corail Aquatique. I was once scared of lipstick, but I’m trying to wear it more often. I had a hard time finding a lipstick for my wedding, I went into all the stores and you have to try on samples and pray that you don’t catch some disease because other women have sampled them too. One day, a woman who worked for Sephora came up to me and demanded she try this miracle lip stain on me after observing me try on some chalky mess. I tried to run away but she pretty much forced me over to a mirror and showed me how to apply it. It actually looked good, a pink coral. It didn’t taste or look like lipstick, more like a gloss, and it actually has good staying power. It was $32 and I bought it and I have no regrets. I think about this woman sometimes. She was tiny, a dead ringer for Tracy Anderson (trainer to the stars) and I’ve never seen her again.
I also carry around some Revlon Lip Butter lipsticks. They are kind of like chap sticks/lip gloss/lip sticks. I have two faves: Lollipop (bright fuschia) and Juicy Papaya (Papaya colored). They look great but require more reapplying than the glossy stain. I also carry around chapstick. I usually carry a sweater around in my purse even if it’s hot because air conditioning makes me cold.
I wear the same purse everyday until it becomes so crappy I can’t wear it anymore.


I love body oil. L’Occitane makes one that I absolutely love.

Nope, love to change it all.

My lipstick.

I like to always have my sunglasses, at least one pair. I cannot see outside or keep my eyes open without them. Also essential for me is lipstick from Aveda. They are nontoxic and almost edible and look great. Right now I like a pinky-orange one called Peruvian Lily, and a slick gloss tube called Berryblast.


I always do my eyebrows and mascara, but those are the only things in my routine that happen every single day. Well, some days, I don't put on any makeup...

I have two bras. I have never had more than two bras at a time. I wear the same one diligently for five or six days (fine, maybe more), then rotate the other one in. I find it very depressing and keep promising myself that I'll treat myself like the 36 year-old woman I am and purchase a third, a fourth, a fifth! But I do not.

I wear a Mjollnir (Thor's hammer) pendant every day for religious reasons.

i carry my entire make-up bag every day.

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